Perth, Australia (part 1)

Meanwhile before I start, I would like to thank all my readers for your continued support and love. I would have never made this far without you, even passers by, or my readers from the states, or Malaysia. You guys are the ones and give me the motivational force for writing, it was wonderful writing for such a beautiful purpose. xoxo


It was three years ago.

It was my last night spent in Perth before returning home.

The air was chilling outside. I walked out of the barn and I excitedly opened the farm gates, wore my bedroom slippers, and stepped out into the chilling air. I gazed up at the night sky. It was a wonderful sight; never in my life had I seen anything like this. The skies of Oceania was captivating. It was dark, yet the skies were clear: no moon, no clouds, just thousands and thousands of sparkling stars that flushed and glowed in contrast to the mysterious black sky. Darkness enveloped us and we stood there, still and serene, and had anyone else been there, they must have agreed that it was indeed a splendid sight.

I took a deep breath, taking in the summer air and letting out a slow “wow…” with my thoughts trailing behind me, a sense of reflection and pure amazement. The infinite number of stars stretched across the sky like a blanket of shining glitter. They were bright, the scene fitted Vincent Van Gogh’s “starry starry night” perfectly. It was truly a flawless scene. It dawned upon me that it could be so fascinating if the world was as flawless. This scene totally reminded me of my childhood dream: I wanted to go star gazing when I was young and study astronomy. Each time I look up at the stars at night back in Singapore(which was sparse and ugly and you cant really see anything in Singapore), I would go on and tell dad, “DAD, IM GOING TO THE MOON SOMEDAY AND BE AN ASTRONAUT AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE STARS!”

My Daddy could only look at his girl with an astonished face and then say, “Well okay, if you say so.”
“Would you sponsor me a rocketship Daddy?!” I exclaimed.
Then my Dad would be rendered speechless.

The bright stars continued to shine, sometimes flickering occasionally and then coming on again, just like stage lights to my show. I held my hands together and it seems forever ago since I’ve ever felt this way….so carefree…so happy…and my skin was embraced by the wind. The temperature had dipped, but I couldn’t care less. My friends have started to enter the barn to have supper. I tightened my coat, and lie on the grass of daffodils. I want to “marry the night” as well.

Suddenly my world began to spin. Everything feels so surreal. Even I myself, is surprised that a mere breath-taking scene could bring so many complicated thoughts to my head. I love having deep, meaningful conversations about life, but no one was next to me. I could only daydream, though it WAS NIGHT. As I did, scenes of my life flashed across the sky. I stared at the constellations and wondered about if what they said in ancient civilizations were true. I “traced” my finger along the stars, trying to find a pattern but only in vain. Each star seems to represent something important to me: love, dreams, career, relationships. But how many of them would be mine in the ultimate end?

It was that night in Australia then my perspective of stars changed. The world IS beautiful.

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