Perth, Australia (Part 2)



It says:

Dear Diary,
Today in the morning we went to the Gravity Discovery Centre. Its very well built, like the Science Centre. After that we proceeded to the Windmill farm, greeted by the farm owners Joan and Milton. Haha they’re so welcoming but Milton’s a bit straightforward, or offensive, I don’t know. Anyway he’s still nice. I fed & pet the dogs, fed the lamps milk, as well as baby kangaroos. I fed the chickens too, but there were a lot of flies. I rode the horses, and prepare the cow’s hay, and fed them as well as the pony. I understood how grapes, oranges, mandarins and peaches are collected and made. (I actually meant planted, sec1 English SUCKKS) I brought a bottle of honey! But at night, its so creepy! (creepy rhymes with honey) Actually, the chalet @ the farm’s quite better than I expected.
Signing off, 

I woke up the very next morning with the sound of the cockerel, and I got out of bed with annoyance. My feet touched the cold icy ground. “ughh, shit,” i said, appalled that my playlist was on throughout the night. “did I realllyyy forget to turn it off?” I was unable to believe it. The battery was drained. I pulled off my socks. I was glad that i had turned the heater all through the night, it would have been colder if i had not. Seeing crystal asleep soundly beside me and my other roommates which don’t have any evidence of stirring, I couldn’t help but crawl back into the cozy bed again. I pulled the covers over myself, realizing that almost three quarters of it had gone to crystal’s side. I sighed and stared into the ceiling into blank space. I slept again.

This time I awoke to the beeping of my phone. I opened my eyes slightly just enough to gaze around the room but alas, everyone was gone! I leapt out of bed with a start. Drawing back the lacy curtains, my buddies–all of them– were gathering outside on the balcony, chatting! Girls with their sunglasses, boys with their caps, as usual. Sunlight filtered through the whole room, and the feeling of a brand new day came upon me.

“hey guys!!!!” I dashed into the dining area, the sweetness and pleasant goodness of the morning coffee smell wafted in as a opened the door and triggered my nostrils. The dining area was at the far end of the farm, with my converse sneakers unzipped, coat tied around my waist…”whoahhh, careful!” it was only that moment when Whisky, the dog almost skidded into me! He barked and wagged his tail and i cuddled his ears. I think he likes me. It was a long way from our room, so I was panting by the time I got there. “why, hello sleepyhead!” my friends teased. “hey, what sleepyhead? I got up before all of YOU actually!” I rebutted playfully, helping myself to the apricot jam with toast on the table. “now sweeties, stop arguing and try this, it’s nice,” Joan came and placed a pot of mushroom soup on the table. My eyes searched around for Kambe, the Japanese girl and found her at the far end. I took an extra cup of lemonade and went over. “you want one?”

“hey thanks! Come I’ll serve you!”
“its ok, you have already done so for last night’s buffet!”
Suddenly Milton appeared from the kitchen.
“it’s ok kambe, they can serve themselves, come and eat with us.”
“but I want to serve them!” kambe disagreed with her godfather.

I had seen all these in my eyes. Such a simple breakfast in the farm like this made me realize how important friendship is, especially international friends. Thank you Australia for the great hospitality, it was great touring in such a wonderful place

Hey I’ve realised that all my blog posts recently had somewhat turned into a narrative style. I don’t know how I did it, but I hope you guys enjoy it and I was able to captivate you.

Yes, this was the farm I was talking about and…
The cosy bed where Crystal stole the covers from me EVERY NIGHT we slept together ugh
 The balcony…..(above) The girls (sixteen of us) used to hang out here at night, chatting and playing poker cards. Of course, we are segregated from the boys, whose chalet is further down closer to the barn. As you can see from the picture….it has four rooms entitled to four girls each, and this area is just like our “living room”..
The place where we slept. Its not glamorous, but it has a strange nice feeling by the countryside. It taught me the simplicity of nature. I don’t need to stay in the Executive Lounge like the time I went Malaysia. That’s by the bustling city. Here, Its like this and its enough.

So this is WHISKY!!!!! Though he’s not looking this way, I’m still trying to convince you that he really likes me!!!


Ja ne!

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