Kuroshitsuji movie

Hey guys!! I’m finally back, after one whole month of MIA. AND I DID SOMETHING DRASTIC TO MY HAIR. Its that I dyed my hair maroon and I cut it. I know this is the most typical way to start a blog post, because us bloggers seem to have so much to blog, yet so little time. Anyway, I went with Linhui to watch Kuroshitsuji action movie that day!!! I was a particular Saturday/Sunday if  I remember correctly. Anyway it was a weekend and you can read Linhui’s full recount version of it in her blog post here.

I’m soooo glad to have spend some time with Linhui and catch up all over again, and I was very amazed by the colour of her nail polish. I mean it feels like holidays all over again! School has been so stressful that I suddenly feel as if I need these moments. Gosh, I can’t believe Linhui has no homework. Either no homework or very little, according to her. (she is from TP design school btw) Should have took communication design in TP instead! I envy her.

Ok, so let me concentrate more on the movie now. This post is going to be a review kinda sort and WARNING: might contain spoilers. SOOOOO we went to Bugis+ (aka Illuma) to watch the movie. Note: Not all cinemas are screening this awesome action film, so you’ve gotta choose your place very carefully! Or else..you might just end up not getting anywhere lol. I totally love how they promote this movie. Almost all areas of the shopping centre was covered with this poster!! #kuroshitsujipride

Alright, so this film Garde Cineplex is smart enough to show the movie. Firstly, the movie is in Japanese. And I actually realised this after we bought the tickets, so fair enough, I was worried what if there’s no english subtitles?? We can just cry and crawl in a hole then. But thankfully there is!

Alright…I’m too lazy to type out the whole thing so I’ll just screenshot my review on FB and show you. (yes, I already did a review on FB)

Ok that was a whole lot of words up there for the review. I just might wanna add on a few couple of things:
1) FANFIC WRITERS OF YAOI sebastian x ciel. Rejoice everybody. Your fanfics are beginning to transform into reality.
2) I was surprised at the price of the tickets. See there?! $11.50. Are you freaking kidding me…..the average price would be $8. But then again the movie is so awesome, I don’t even mind. I might consider watching again.
3) Elissa! If you’re reading this I’m going to dedicate this to you. I’m so so so so terribly sorry Linhui and I didn’t jio you out, I’m pretty sure it slipped out of my mind because too much school work and stuff!

Trying to be funny. There are stand up posters (what do you call those?) for you to take photos with! I’m sorry the lighting its bit dim right here. And I was telling Linhui how I would love to steal these 2 cardboard people home and put it in my bedroom. *cheeky* Because I fall in love, trying to kiss sebastian, rekindle my sec3 old love hahaha.

I think Sebastian would look better if he had straight hair. Honestly why must he have curly hair?? And I think he’s hair is kinda frizzy in the movie though. And i swear the volume was damn deafening in the cinema plus action scenes can get really noisy so 80% of the time my ears are crying. Like “I CAN HEAR YOU, CAN YOU TURN DOWN THE VOLUME?” For those who have not watched it, please do and grab seats in the cinema now!! Recommended.

After that we went Subway to eat!! Subway is like my all-time favourite now, ever since I tasted Subway in school and got addicted to it. My dream is to go FC5 everyday and try all the subways hahhahaa kidding. Because Linhui didn’t eat breakfast and we didn’t even buy a single snack (not even popcorn) into the cinema, we were super hungry by the time we got out. My stomach was growling. I ate breakfast. Don’t ask me why my stomach was still growling.

Linhui entering the room in the cinema. Its freaking cold in there. And after we ate and watched movie, we went shopping!!! Actually not me but Linhui. And she brought freaking a lot of things. When I look at her I see my old self. (the good, old, shopaholic old self during the holidays which got too much cash to spend) and she brought a few shirts, a few pants, skirts, (linhui did you buy assessories?) and she almost wanted to buy shoes. But since she had a budget, all her shopping was done at Bugis street. Not me though. I remembered when I said “shop” it means literally “SHOP”, I love things like topshop and stuff but I’m gonna leave that to my future posts next time. And while Linhui shopped, I stood aside:
1) waiting
2) looking
3) helping her carry the stuff she brought
4) helping her choose her clothes
And because I was very dressed down and casual that day she said I’m like her boyfriend standing and looking bored. Like what a typical boyfriend would do.
I don’t know why but my sense of style changed abruptly after I cut my hair. There are parts that are still grace but I don’t know what’s “me” anymore. I prefer guy clothes now and I find them ultra fashionable. Right? Aren’t they more comfortable? There was once where I tried to shop at TOPMAN and everybody stared at me. I swear they were judging me. And people from my church were saying I have a 180 degree change and I was rendered speechless haha.

Alright that’s all folks! I hoped my blogging/writing skills are still up to standard and my command of the English Language still flows formally, I have no idea what I’m doing after not blogging for the past one month.

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