Busy school life

Hi Guys! Just for a quick update!

There’s been alot of rain lately! Due to the rain, design school was so muddy and wet and eeeek. Last week, my friend phoned me to eat a proper meal with her for dinner and we went out after school. Gosh, I have been neglecting my meals and finally I get to eat proper food instead of all the pre packed bentos and fast food take out I’ve been fueling my system. That’s the real glamorous part of my life, rushing to this small Hotshot cafe in the middle of the lessons for quick meals and snacks. On Tuesday in between lessons, my time is so limited and my breaks are so short that I rarely have time to eat. I realized that the “6 minute” button on my microwave has been the only button I’ve been pressing lately, Ha Ha. My seniors were right, HOTSHOT and COLOURS are the place a design student will be seeing everyday, and they will become your best friend, everything that ends up in your stomach will be settled there.

I ate so much japanese food that day that I hit my quota for the week! Salmon roe, udon, yummy Sashimi, sushi…mmmm……my mouth is starting to water again. Surely due to put on weight.

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