Eve of Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, also known as resurrection day.
In the morning I went for my last guitar session at church. Wowwww, I was the first to arrive and I thought I was late! The church was sooooo deserted on Saturday morning…I was so bored so I read my book while waiting for Elisha and Jasia to arrive. The church was so empty. Here’s proof. SEE. I taken a picture below, thats my guitar leaning on the wall HAHAHA.

Then after guitar lesson, I went to meet Jan at Nex’s library. (after rounds and rounds of tedious decision making and processing). That week I was having orientation so I was quite free, but for her, her schedule has been busy and she actually brought her work to the library to do. I brought my book to read. So ironical right, go library still bring my own book. Haha, proves that my book is one of a kind precious that the library don’t have.

Her cool jeans and puma shoes (lol ><) She didn't even know I took this picture.

I’m so glad I got to help her with her (graded) work! Opps, am I not supposed to say that out? Because it involves Design!! Like its the only area I could help in right. Its for her PW, she’s doing a research on fashion design and celebrities, something like that.

Yup!! So I helped her draw. I whipped up the drawing in a few minutes hahhaa. It was very fun! After not drawing for the whole holiday, my skills were rusty but this is the best I can do! The sketches I did are below, looks something like this….

And the final layout in full colour:

 Her research is actually on the different body types and Demi Lovato’s dressing style is also inside! Its really a great feeling to link what you’re studying to what you love/the celebs you’re passionate about. Those who have done it before will know what I’m talking about.

Then after that, she followed me home (: My mum prepared dinner for us and it was a feast. Like normally she don’t cook so nice but yummy…..
And here’s a Taylor Swift limited blackforest Red ice cream we had after dinner! So pretty right.

Guess what! I brought Frozen UNO cards at pasar malam that day. Its so cheap @ $4 something. Jan and I played a game, and then we proceeded on to various games like the pokey game, stress, snap. Its amazing what two of us can do together. And then see those Eggs at the bottom of the picture?? Yes, that’s frozen Easter eggs!
These eggs have chocolate and then a toy inside! So you’ll either get anna, elsa or olaf the snowman. I think olaf is very cute! This egg reminds me of kinder joy. Of course we didn’t eat the eggs that day. Jan say keep for easter sunday and we shall Skype and eat it together. But obviously in the end she had no time to Skype me. 😦 And here’s the packaging! I fell in love with it and wanted to keep it but Jan won’t let me. I forgot where she bought it. 
Anyway, its Jan’s first time celebrating Easter. (with me too!) I love how in america they go easter Egg hunting in the nice weather. Have you seen Taylor swift’s easter vlog?? Jan we would do it someday and yeah, stop reminding me about our dream in the USA, I have always kept it in my heart ❤ Congrats for accepting Christ and going to church yay! God's plan worked and I'm happy for you. It was a perfect day.

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