Vocaloid Pokerface Photoshoot

Hi Guys! I have to warn you all, the attached photo’s are not for the faint hearted! I was going for Miku or Rin-but in the end I decided on my character Gumi instead. Seriously, I warned you all….here it goes!

  Here are a few snapshots from a recent photoshoot I shot for vocaloid pokerface:

This was my first scene, shot during the very first hour of shooting. It was sunlight at first….then gloomy…. and the sky was overcast. It was so windy! It rained halfway through, we seeked shelter and moved from harbour front to resorts world sentosa (and during this shot, I had to keep blinking to prevent rainwater from going into my eyes and polluting my contact lenses so it was super painful…plus all the make up! Can you see the raindrops in the photo, at the floor? Everybody was having a hard time looking up at the sky when the sun came out and blinded our eyes again. It was so stinging glaring…yet we still had to put up a front and take note of our expression while lying down…it was not easy! And my hair just won’t stay in place!

My shoot was an outdoor shoot, we had to keep moving around and changing locations. Our first shooting plan was actually at National museum, then it got cancelled because of some last minute problems. We did this set of photos like around 20+ times before we got a perfect shot…we had to catwalk down the stairs in a natural fashion walk manner and just knowing how to walk isn’t really enough!

Editing in progress~
On set shooting….

I had to pretend that I was in a casino, looking at the cards, discovering my opponent’s scheme like in those dramas climax where you gamble your life….

Wanqi could use this for her coscard! I might consider using a few photos from this shoot for my coscard too because i never owned a coscard before. I could design my own coscard, consider I’m studying graphic communication now hahhaha.

These photos are only a part of the photos…there will be more photos coming up of course so do be patient! My photographer seems to be currently busy with a few projects….meanwhile you can check out my Instagram @classical_grace too! Just drop me a request!

A collage layout that my photographer specially did for us:
Some behind the scenes photos, 
In the make up room doing more than 2 hrs of makeup…

And this was break time!! I must say, the most photogenic of all of us is Rin! She’s amazing and hilarious!

Props on set. We lay out the props on the floor because we were going to shoot on the floor LOL.

With the taiwan princess I-ling! And this set of hair is my real hair, it is NOT a wig -.- I thought my real hair looked like Meiko, a vocaloid character.

All of us wore boots that day! Coincidentally, the SKW, yuki, wore boots too! But hers is white so its 3 black 1 white. We were required by default to wear black because its part of our costume.

Our photographer, Serlver,(finally mentioned his name) is very nice (Thank god!) Apart from the jokes and teasing =P He’s introduced to us by I-ling. Lol, he’ll have to put up with me for the next little while. He actually waited for us outside for so long (i have no idea how long he waited lol) and according to him, he’s outside collecting spider web, ha ha!

I wanted to kill myself because shooting is always tiring but it was so much fun. And there were a lot of mosquitoes, Serlver and Yuki got so many mosquito bites. And when I said many i mean like 10. Luckily the three of us cosplayers were protected because of our costume that covered most of your body! I looked so much NOT like myself, no one recognized me! Sheesh, now if I ever want to go undercover, I’d know what to wear!

This was in the handicapped toilet……the door won’t close and it refuse to lock, so the passer bys were staring at us with the “you guys are not supposed to be inside the handicapped toilet , so inconsiderate, what if people need to use it?” look. But its the only big space we had to do our makeup and handicap toilets are quite pleasing because it can fit 3 people inside. I-ling cannot take the stares anymore so she had to use strength and pull the door and force it to close, we were laughing non stop, it was so hilarious.

This helpful girl Yuki is the SKW and helped us for the day! Without any complaints~~She carried all our bags and walked for so long and she is really strong because she goes to gym! Thanks yuki! The shooting ended at around 6pm and it was alot of fun! Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! 
Rock on!


A last photo of me before I end my post; but first, LEMME TAKE A #SELFIE

Double espresso latte cheers!
Hugz and kisses you all! =)

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