Maggie mee party

WHOOO HOO GUYS. Guess what. I’m back with Maggie Mee Party pictures!! So after school that day I was really tired, mainly because I burned the 4am oil (which is worse than burning the midnight oil) but I touch on this in another blog post. But despite my tiredness, I’m so glad I managed to move my ass from school to Florence’s house to have dinner! So yup, in other words, I met Florence and wenxin after school to have a crazy Maggie mee party!!!

I’m so excited to spend time with them, my awesome church buddies and I can say they’re my most supportive group of friends. Class ended at about 5pm and I made my way to Florence’s house. I met Claire along the way! And thank god, she showed me to Florence’s house, if not I wouldn’t know how to go HAHA. Wenxin was already there when I arrived. She came straight from school.
I really loved florence’s house, the main colour theme was beige and I was fascinated by those precious thoughts statues and memory verses hung around the house. It gives guests a cozy feeling; and owners and “safe and sound” feeling! Am I right Florence? And since she lives high up in a high-rise building, the view is just awesome. I can see my house, the Singapore flyer and TANGS Orchard just by standing there! On some days, the sunset can be seen and the whole sky would be pinkish in colour.

Oh yeah and this was my lunch that day. I love my school’s food. Its super nice.

 Maggie mee party is like where you cook your own Maggie mee and add ingredients and whatever you want to it, sugar, spice, or everything nice. We just call it Maggie mee party because it sounds more…cheeky. It was Florence’s idea. According to her, eating Maggie mee alone is very in those dramas where people are too poor to buy food, or in reality, people who are too busy and in a rush such that they have no life to eat proper meals. But! We all agreed that when Maggie mee is eaten in a group, the mood is totally different! It means going crazy, talking and chatting over a hot pot of Maggie mee where we scoop our noodles to our bowls. It feels like family.

And ta da!! This was our delicious food and it tastes SO GOOD.

We went down to the supermarket below Florence’s house to buy our Maggie noodles. Wenxin was very amazed because she lives in a condo and said “Its so cool to have a minimart near your house! You know when I want to go to somewhere to buy food…I have to take a bus?” And when we are cracking the eggs, Wenxin cracked all 3 eggs perfectly and she said, “I should get a PhD for egg cracking right!” and when I stirred them evenly for the omelets; I repeated what she said, “Man, I should get a PhD for egg beating!” And we all decided to go to egg school. HAHA RETARDED I KNOW. 

After dinner, we watched the Ellen show and it was so funny Wenxin and I kept giggling non-stop! (the episode on the hidden camera prank) And Florence burst out in laughter and I just couldn’t take it anymore; I exercise my stomach muscles every single time I watch Ellen’s talk show! I’m so glad all these girls share the same interest as me. We chatted, talking about pop culture; Taylor swift, how good Jimmy Kemmel’s talk show is and Wenxin fangirling about One direction coming to town March 2015!

I left her house when the sky turns dark. It was a beautiful night spent with 2 beautiful girls.

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