10,000 Reasons

Tapping away on my Mac now in the middle of night now isn’t easy, especially when its late, I’m sleepy, and so much happened since school started such that I couldn’t know where to start. I couldn’t comprehend, because so much happened since the start of the holidays as well; so many adventures, experiences, and feelings felt all at the same time. Its like when you sit down everything just comes back, like a kaleidoscope of colours you know. If you think you know me well enough to know all my feelings and experiences this week; well, I could only say this time round, only those involved in my life this week would know, because the feelings and experiences this week are all so deep and raw. And above all the “so much-s” that happened, the greatest things happened in this week.
I got rid of my project. I went shopping and felt free like a shopaholic again. I went to THE RED TOUR which is one of my best experiences in my life ever. I watched maleficent in hopes of curing my red tour syndrome and unexpectedly learned so much about life in the end. Gained a new favourite celeb (which is none other than Angelina Jolie). Watched many of her movies at ONE GO which is CRAZY.
But today, today was the best night of my life. It was a very precious night.
After I had student exchange freshmen orientation programme today (it was good I made some friends and got my Starbucks), I left early to go for Vans’ house to do project. We are in charge of our church’s July Evangelistic event (its finally coming!) and we’re in deep soup if we don’t do something about it. As the publicity team, I got to say planning was really fun because we got to be creative. (got inspiration from Maleficent, haha). We’re still in the midst of working on it though. Totally looking forward to it and see how the congregation have fun and the event fall in place smoothly. So I met her after Student Exchange FOP and we quickly grabbed dinner, I didn’t have money because I splurged it all on Starbucks. And after dinner I went to her place. I’ll remember this date because today is the VERY FIRST TIME I went to her house after knowing her practically inside out for 10 WHOLE YEARS. I’m the only close friend of hers that haven’t been to her house before.
So anyway, as I said, today night was so meaningful and treasurable. The meeting turned out to be more than I expected.
She’s always the one that kept the flame burning; the conversation will just flow effortlessly. Silences has always been comforting yet NOT awkward at all. She has been the friend that was always there; I know she’s there, I don’t have to ask or call, I know she’s there. She has always been there for me. 
 Evangeline, I’m tired now, but I just wanted to say thank you. I know these two words are so mainstream but you’re better than lovers in my life, better than stars. I thank God for you every single day, do you know that? I really loved the quote that you said; “A friend who cannot take you at your worst doesn’t deserve you at your best.” We talked about past problems and wounded up crying. I just love deep moments like that. I’ve tried heart-to-heart talk to other close friends but sometimes they wouldn’t budge, or the conversation would have just fallen apart and then we’ll drift from topic to topic. The friends would just nod and keep quiet when I talk, never advising, you can sense the awkwardness as they struggle for the right thing to say. You don’t. Your words flow correctly without even trying. They never ever shared what kind of struggles they faced before. You do. You share what’s truly bothering you in their hearts with me.
Thanks for being there for me when I put on a smiley front but inside I feel as if my friendships are superficial; or when I feel other “friends” aren’t always there for me. If a third party would be there to assess our conversation today, I think they would die from the deepness. It’s the kind of truth in your soul you wont reveal to anyone else but God. You’re the true friend I can reflect on life with.

I’ve got 10,000 reasons for my heart to count.

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