Movie Review: Disney’s Maleficent


That day I was browsing through you tube when I came across this comment about Maleficent, a new movie I have watched.

So, being me, I just had to comment to defend Maleficent.

Not only that, there was another purpose of the movie. It teaches us how some people, when angry and filled with jealously, do things that are corrupted and impulsive. Their mouths speak words like venom of a serpent’s, and in the process the taint their hearts. Like Maleficent, they then regret their actions, their conscience gets them, but it was too late. Everybody sins. Its not like no one in the world has led a life like Maleficent’s before. I had been Maleficent. I know how it feels like. I had been the “villain”, the “evil that nobody understood”. So this movie teaches us to think twice before “cursing” someone, because sometimes the “Auroras” in our life might not forgive us, sometimes the “Stefans” in our life might burn us with the “iron”. No everyone is as lucky as Maleficent in the movie, to gain their wings back.

I also wanted to say something about the portrayal of “true love” in the movie. Maleficent said “true love”, because there’s no such thing in this world called “true love”. She has been cheated and deeply hurt by Stefan, so deep to a point that caused poor Maleficent to lose all hope in love in this world. She became bitter, cold and cynical. When Maleficent and Stefan kissed in the air and it was sunset, the view was so breathtaking. The silhouette of Maleficent’s wings made that whole scene so grand and majestic, I almost felt it was true love. I was touched to tears because it’s so heartwarming! That was the first time I cried in the movie.

But I guess Princess Aurora perceived true love differently. Although it was untold, I’m sure Aurora would have believed in true love. It teaches us that everybody in this world viewed love differently, there’s no right or wrong answer.


Someone said the logic of Maleficent was recycled from Frozen and Brave. That one I have no choice but to agree. Disney nowadays has seemed to develop a liking to trade romance for kinship. In Brave, daughter saved the mother. In frozen, one sister saved the other. Then in Maleficent, the (god)mother saved the daughter, with true love’s kiss. That was the second time I cried in the movie. (I honestly thought that she was gonna kiss her on the lips instead of the forehead). I swear they could have done better, but ultimately they were trying to emphasize that you don’t need a man to save you, and “happily ever after” doesn’t mean you find your prince and that’s the end. Sometimes you can have a “happily ever after” without ANY prince. I guess that’s what Disney is trying to corporate into young kids’ minds. And it’s the right values so I salute them for that. I remembered when I was young; it was all snow white and prince charming, beauty and beast, jasmine and Aladdin. Princesses and princes everywhere.

But in the end Maleficent topped off Frozen. At least, in my heart. It seems all so surreal to me because, I never thought the day would come where frozen would not be number 1 in my heart anymore. And obviously it came too soon. It seemed like yesterday I was still crazy over Frozen. But the fact that another Disney movie beat a Disney movie makes it legit, like, “Okay luh, its acceptable then.”

I have to admit, I cannot imagine any other Maleficent other than Angelina Jolie. It was like she was cut out perfectly for that role, and that she belonged to Maleficent and Maleficent belonged to her. Her tone of voice, gaze in her eyes, I saw it all in the movie and it was all Maleficent’s. I tend to analyse movies very much. As I grew up, I became going to the theatres more often, and it was sort of an addiction. And the obsession to read deep into movies and notice the cast in detail just lies in me. (If its someone I like, well, I’ll go even MORE into detail, its crazy).


I first came into contact with Maleficent, or rather I was first introduced to this movie when my Design school friend showed me the trailer during break; I was blown away. When I saw Jolie, I was so excited, my heart was racing to watch the movie in the theatres once. I knew she would do a good job. (Even if the storyline was bad, having Jolie in it was honourable enough). I was also looking forward for the twist in Sleeping Beauty; wondering how could Disney find the solution to twist a villain into a victim. Sleeping Beauty was based on Aurora’s point of view, while Maleficent was based on the evil witch’s perspective. They turned the camera and made Maleficent the star and spotlight of all.

And the fact that Jolie is a renowned Hollywood gem just makes it all a plus for me to dash to the theatres like some crazy fangirl that haven’t gotten rid of her Red tour syndrome, but wants another actress to obsess about again.

Not to mention Prince Philip, many of my friends said he’s quite good looking though lol.

I think the answer was all along lying in our hearts, you know. Right from the start of our childhood when we first watched Sleeping Beauty, our hearts already desire for the hidden answer. Just that we were too young to realize that. It’s just that, nobody brought it up, nobody in the first place thought or wondered about it, and so the question wasn’t posed publicly. When there’s no question, how can there be an answer? But thankfully, Disney brought up all these things we never thought we would need in our lives before, but in fact, when Disney brought it up, we realized we do need them very much. We need them badly.

The question? Right from the start every single soul already wanted to know why did the witch curse the princess out of the blue, because there’s a reason for everything that happens.

The answer? It is the untold, tragic and misunderstood story of Maleficent.

That’s why I love Disney. They teach us values in life.

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