Movie Review: Mr and Mrs Smith

STARRING: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt


Anyway, Mr and Mrs Smith is a 2005 film so I guess its okay even if I spoil it, most of you might have watched the film already.


This light hearted comedy talks the story of a married couple who are both assassins hired by competing agencies. They first met when they’re being chased down by Colombian authorities, but throughout their 5 or 6 years of marriage, never disclosed their jobs as assassins to each other. It was all along kept confidential and both of them didn’t know that secretive job each of them had.


When they fell in love, Brad (John in the show) claims that Jolie (Jane in the show) “looked like Christmas morning” they first night they met! (sweet XD) But throughout the years, everything has changed and their marriage became mundane.


When both of them are tasked to kill DIA prisoner Benjamin “The Tank” Danz during a transfer, they encountered each other on a botched hit. They are then assigned to discover and eliminate the other.

Obviously after they found out the truth, they were fueled by a mutual sense of betrayal, thinking that the other party married them purposely as a spy, and that their marriage was a hoax. Their conflict culminates in an explosively violent fight in the Smith house involving both firearms, makeshift weapons and hand-to-hand combat. (ok this scene in the movie is the coolest and funniest)

When they finally wind up with guns in each other’s faces, John declines to shoot, and lays his gun down. Jane finds she cannot shoot John either, and both succumb to their love instead.



High ratings and strongly recommended to watch! Jan introduced this video to me and she persuaded me. Its really great. Actually I already fell in love with the soundtrack long ago, just that no one told me Jolie acted! Here are………our crazy moments because we are really addicted to Angelina Jolie. I wonder if I would read this years later and find what I type disgusting. But really, Jolie was really stunning in the movie! At first I thought she was trying to seduce Brad but she seduces people without even trying ugh. And her sexy legs in the movie poster is just too much, and that gun in her  high slit!!!!


So here’s to our fandom between “Maleficent”, “Salt” and “Mr and Mrs smith”.


 PARDON our group name LOL

I think this is a super cool and good movie, particularly because I used to hate action shows and this is like one of the rare chances I actually watched an action show and loved it. Maybe because Jolie’s inside and I’m bias but still, I’m so surprised at myself! I hate action shows because they all moved too fast and it made me dizzy. But I think one of the toughest bits is to combine a action show with a comedic theme. Not to mention, both the main characters are cool, tough assassins. And they did it! The norm is that in action films, it has to be serious to make people think the characters are professional, skilled people, to have that “wow” factor.

Action films has to have blood stains, perfect death stunts, and deadly moments of silence to let people stun in disbelief. How do you achieve all these when you want it to be a comedy that makes people laugh as well? How can people laugh at these “next minute I might die” death stunts?? So its hard, no doubt. But Mr and Mrs smith combined both successfully, they let me laugh WITHOUT making me feel that Jolie and Brad are being branded “clown assassins”. I loved that part where they fought together, but all done while bickering over their fighting styles and newly discovered personal secrets.

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