Movie review: SALT

I know what you’re thinking. Salt. What kind of movie name is that? The chemical NaCl? Is it a everyday necessity? Or are you referring to the one on the dining table, in our food? Table salt? Never mind. (they’re the same thing anyway). But its not. Here we’re talking about

The suspected Russian Spy.

See? I told you. Angelina Jolie played a spy AGAIN.

The story tells of Evelyn Salt(yes haha it turns out to be the character’s name, thankfully, if not I would still be figuring out the link between the title Salt and the movie, even at the end of the whole show). At the start of the movie, Evelyn is just a very normal and original women working for the CIA. (if you guys don’t know what it is, look it up XD) Until one day, a guy came and reported an important piece of information-that an assassin is going to kill the Russian president when he comes over to visit New york for America’s vice president’s funeral. Evelyn interrogated him. But at the end, he reveals to Evelyn, saying, “The name of the assassin is Evelyn Salt.” 
Since many officers witnessed the whole stern and grave interrogation, they heard it and they were shocked. I thought Evelyn’s expression was unreadable at that time. I cant tell if she was calm or shocked or scared. (that’s why Jolie is the best choice for these kind of shows, she have a sexy pokerface) The atmosphere was so suspenseful I could have died. Then she spoke, “I am Evelyn Salt.” The man said, “Then you are the Russian spy.” The other officers, aka Evelyn’s colleagues, suspected her as a Russian spy. Some didn’t know to believe their colleague or not. Then, suddenly, everybody wanted to capture Evelyn, and she have to go on the run. THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING PART MY HEART ALMOST WAS IN MY MOUTH
When she goes on the run, her skills are incredible. I don’t know if its real of fake but I swear almost as good as Jackie Chan’s. She
1) Ride a motorbike at top speed
2) Jumped from car’s roof to car’s roof
3) Created a weapon-like bomb in a few minutes out of nothing, just a few recycled materials and mixtures
4) climbed out of a window and outside a building (without dying HAHA)
5) Using a gun so skillfully
6) Running for SO LONG…without being tired
Of course, many subsequent episodes followed, and in all these episodes her stunts blew my mind away. Maybe you’ll say, its all fake and camera tricks and edited. But I think no matter how much you edit and how good technology is, you need to have some knowledge and skills. I heard she took martial arts lesson for that. 
The thing in the movie is that from the start, it isn’t even revealed who salt was. Everyone kept guessing from the start. It isn’t like in those dramas with situational irony; where the audience knows but the other characters in the show doesn’t know. NOBODY knows here. We couldn’t be certain if Evelyn was a badass Russian spy waiting to kill the present in America or just an innocent CIA agent. But I was of course, all along on Evelyn’s side as Angelina Jolie’s my favourite actress HAHA. Don’t learn from me guys. I think I can’t help but watch every movie with Jolie in it from a biased point of view from now on, shit.
Hints in the movie showed glimpses where Jolie was a orphan child, she was captured and fostered by a guy who looks like a terrorist. It is later revealed to be the mastermind behind the person that wishes to kill the president, as well as set bombs in America. 
“Who can you trust?”
Brainwashed from young, at that scene I was certain that Evelyn is a spy. But then, when the plot twists and she kills that guy that fostered him(which is mastermind), I was so confused because it made no sense. She told the guy, “You have trained me well” in such a grateful manner and now she kills him? So you see, Salt’s actions were deliberately arranged in a way that it points to both sides. She can do something that helps the CIA but then after that do something that contradicts her actions completely. And that left people guessing.
And then later, she dyed her hair black in order to disguise herself. And gahhh whatever she looks good in all hair colours 🙂
One thing I can be sure of though. Her love for her husband in the movie. I never doubted that, from the start when her husband rescued her when she was kept captive in North Korea and tortured, even when Salt was on the run and yet still worried about her husband at the same time, when she wanted to find her husband even when she herself is in deep trouble. And even when at the last scene, she finally discovered her husband held captive by the guy who fostered her and trained her (aka the terrorist). They shot her husband right before her eyes and even before she could say her last words to him, because they asked Salt, “why do you need a man?”
“Because I wanted to seem normal.” (like a normal person, not a Russian spy, get it?)
So i guessed they killed him to test if Salt would be really affected by it and if she was lying. Yet the painful thing is, Salt can’t even show her grieve in front of her comrades. She had to pretend she was a heartless creature, that she didn’t mind. But I caught it. Her eyes froze for that split second and you can see the emptiness but not a single tear dropped. Its so sad and tragic I cried so badly.
Brangelina at the salt premiere *.*
And even at the end of the show, the mysterious persona of Salt still remained untold. It is left for the audiences to finish it for themselves and leave it up to their imagination. The story has no define conclusion. I guess it was done on purpose. But doing this is very dangerous, since I feel the movie can be accused for “having no proper conclusion at all” and “leaving it hanging”.
If you want my honest opinion, I think Salt focused too much on the stunts instead of the plot. It was more of an action movie, yet everything was showed and not told explicitly, and some scenes were so dark, I already had a hard enough time recognising the guys’ faces because to me they all look the same when they dress the same HAHA. Though, I have to give credit to the hard work filming. Action movies are super troublesome to film. But I don’t really understand the plot at some parts, maybe it was too fast and I couldn’t catch it. But the appealing thing is, Jolie is probably the only female lead in the movie!! WHICH MAKES HER A HARDCORE WOMAN
Salt’s role was actually meant for a man, but when the decided that Jolie was suitable of the role, they changed it to a female lead. Anyway, talking about movies, just to sidetrack again, I realised I forgot to praise maleficent’s visual effects team! The graphics are really good.

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