Cafe hopping

Went to grub yesterday for short dinner with parents :’) thankful 

 It’s a really nice cafe located at bishan park! My mum read it in the newspapers and vans told me it was really nice so we went. And She even emphasized that her friends are going back there to eat since they loved it so much 🙂

Though we had trouble finding the place and we walked ALOT, it was good family bonding and exercise HAHA. And bishan park is really beautiful. Should have photoshoot there someday. The cafe is just standing by itself, I was thinking of jogging at bishan park one day and having brunch there myself. Just some alone time 👍👍

The food is just delicious!! Though it’s around $78 in the end but…it’s definitely so heavenly. The pictures do not do justice. I have decided to go cafe hopping from now on. So it’s an official desicion yes! I think healthy and good eating=life’s pleasures! Cafe hopping has become some sort of trend recently, I don’t know why. It’s like everyone is posting their cafe pictures on Instagram! Some of my friends have even started a food account.

Cafés&dining I’m going to visit soon.
1) D’good cafe
2) PS. Cafe 
3) Paris Baguette 
4) backstage cafe 
5) the Cheesecake Factory 
6) hoshino coffee
7) pince & pints 
8) lady M 
10) Antoinette Palais Renaissance 
11) Batter Fluffy Flaps 
12) Costal settlement
13) strangers’ Reunion
So guys!! I will be doing reviews on them soon &stay tuned! Just pray I won’t get fat soon HAHA and any close friends who wants to come cafe hopping with me to any of these cafés are SO welcome! 
So after eating we went home to chill and prepare to watch World Cup!! And yes Germany won 🙂 I knew they would win  so yayyy but I went to school with huge eye bags and I kept dozing off but it’s ok! My mood was so good, even the teachers could tell I watched World Cup. They were like, “you watched football last night right?!” Ah, well…..all’s well ends well. 

Oh and on a related note before I end off, you guys should totally check out Mario Götze from Germany, player no. 19 who is a genius and scored the only final goal. He looks super hot.

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