Down the Haji Lane

Alrighty guys! Bad thoughts aside and its a brand new day!! Today morning I’m trying very hard to cheer myself up that it’s a new day and everything, as you all know this week hasn’t been always smooth sailing in my personal relationships but I’ve survived it so….*clapsclaps* and I’m just trying to tell myself, positive energy now and throw the tough week behind!!

Ok so yesterday I went with my bestie Celia to this little getaway spot to chill out and cheer up a little…but in fact I had a blasting weekend! But before that, let me let you in on a little story. I got to Bugis at 1pm, pretty early. But Celia was late and this is my face (see above) while rotting and waiting for Celia who has her travel problems and got there at 2.30 instead -____- She got chased down a bus by a bus driver haha and then had trouble finding her way to the mrt HAHAHAHA. Meanwhile while waiting I got this royal pudding by Paris Baguette again because its so “in” nowadays and I crave it and its so so so good yumm!!! Its 4 bucks okay 😦

So….I’ll officially start on Haji Lane. Celia says “people who gets tired of Orchard Road goes there” and its so relatable to me. As you know I’m mostly in the town area but when I went to Haji Lane you don’t feel in Singapore!



I don’t know why but the whole street gives me an Arabian and Egyptian kinda feel. Like the Europe, Middle East kinda feel. I’m referring to the shops and the things they sell. Its a bit like dating back to Rome, Paris, Israel, Greece…y’know, those countries. Some even sell wooden pots with nice beautiful carvings, or vintage looking Coca-Cola bottles.


Although its small and you can walk the whole street in about an hour or so, and probably fifteen minutes if you’re just walking by without looking at the shops.

But, its impossible not to look at the shops because everything is so wonderful there! You literally feel that you’ve just walked into a vintage haven. They sell vintage bikes (yes, the one in Taylor Swift’s MV Begin Again), vintage notebooks, ornaments, vintage stationery, badges, typewriters (I have one at home), vintage signs, bells, vintage-looking clothes, wooden statues of cute little kittens and….oh, I could go on and on.

There’s even fortune telling, and a few neatly decorated cafes (about 3-4?) in the area. We tried finding the very sought after café Stranger’s reunion but found out that its not even in Haji Lane maybe -_____- Celia and I went to this cosy and nice little café called Shop Wonderland!


I ate a Earl Grey Lavender cake. I love earl grey tea and English tea too! Celia didn’t eat because it was too expensive, you know cafes. But I’m not gonna reveal the price of that slice of cake because you would judge me for that too.

There’s also bars there! Very very very very hippy and cool bars and pubs! Though most of the customers come at night. And at night, the whole street would be lit up so I cant imagine how nice it would be when its already so vibrant in the day. There are a lot of tourists too. Like Koreans, Caucasians, etc. And this really nice Korean uncle stopped to take a picture for us hehehe.

Living in Singapore where graffiti is strictly prohibited, you don’t walk around and see graffiti everywhere and often. But for art and design students like Celia and I practically cannot survive without street art I guess. Haji Lane is one of the rare places you can find graffiti. I was so happy. It is certainly an artsy place too!

 They sell postcards, art & fashion books and you could find nice typography everywhere that speaks to you, even on the staircases. Ok I sound like a tour guide giving a review of this place. But I love the shophouses and their staircases!! The spaces are always beautiful and the shopowners wont pester you there. Just saying


HAHAHAH Celia maintain your expression!!

Hahas, anyway she tried Korean style make up that day :’)

But the thing is I didn’t bring enough money that day, so I’m definitely going back Haji Lane again with more cash stuffed in my pockets this time so that I wouldn’t have to just window-shop. And I will bring more friends that haven’t been there this time! (probably my mum too since she can sponsor me the items 😉 )

In fact the whole point of this trip was actually to celebrate Celia’s belated birthday and for me to pass her the presents and return the $11.30 I owed her. I would like to end off with Happy Birthday Celia! Kudos to 16 years of friendship, 16 years and more 🙂

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