Party in the USA!

Hurray guys! I’m blogging frequently now! Yes, I’m sad, but I can’t stay sad forever right? I’m gonna talk about Saturday’s church event I had, American Party!!! It really cheered me up a lot. The event started in the afternoon and it lasted till about 7pm. American Party was held at Loading Bay Café, for you guys who didn’t know where it is, its near Kembangan.

Since it’s our church’s July evangelistic event, we are required to invite friends to have a blast with us and not only that, but for a greater purpose in sharing who this Heavenly Father we believe in and sharing this saviour’s love for you and me. And I invited su min(yes guys her name is spelt this way, hahaha sorry I got the wrong information from Instagram,because of a funny joke, I thought her name was spelt Suemean!) we had a great laugh about it because I still went around telling everyone how unique her name spelling is 😁😁 and guys, she is not Korean okay! Even though her name sounds like a Korean name. Alrighty! Enough about names, I hope this post will be a mixture of words and pictures but since I know people prefer words I should try to type more 🙂

Here’s an overview of the place and the pictures they took when part of the committee went down to see the venue before the event:

Its a Christian café that has a enchanting ambience in it, and very chill! By chill I mean its very chilly + its a good place to chill out too haha. There’s even like memory verses on the walls, and the café owner is so nice to me! I didn’t have lunch, and Florence didn’t wanna order Mac’s for me (boohoo) and everybody seems so busy so I’d just thought I have to survive on a mere piece of cake from the café but the shop owner was so nice, he made my day hahah.

So….if you’re wondering why the event is called american party, it’s because we’re inviting The American band, CTI(carpenter’s tool international) came to Singapore for this event 🙂 they flew all the way from America and yes, they’re REAL Americans, not just Americans who live in Singapore. They simply wish to be here to let people know more about Jesus through music 😉

Ha, you do not need me to tell you the hilarious travel problems our invited friends (and us) faced while travelling there. When Charlene, vans and I are going to the mrt station to fetch our friends, we didn’t not even know how did we end up at Eunos mrt station instead! To make things worse, Nachi alighted at the wrong mrt stop and he ended up at macperson instead. (Was it macperson? Haha) we had such a great laugh comforting ourselves that nachi’s sense of direction is far worse than us 😉 


AND I was the emcee that day so I had to wear formally and nicer, I felt like I overdressed haha but thankfully I’m not. I paired knee high boots with a black dress;) AND because of my knee high boots (with heels, excuse you), I had to take three steps for every one step Charlene and Vans took. I had to run when they’re actually walking OMG, just lagging behind them already. And they still took this chance to tease when I retorted that I can run as fast as them provided I’m wearing keds.

I’m really glad to go because recently there’s this cafe hopping culture–and buffet +free flow of drinks are served too! The food was so GOOD that night,Vans and wenxin went for 3 rounds I think. Wenxin says she feels like a pig hahahhaa. Oh and there’s even ice cream and yummy handmade desserts served after that. Basically I think everyone at my table ate a lot HAHAHHAHA.

My table is no. 12 and it’s one of the biggest tables in the cafe, so honored right :’) then there’s Michelle, vans, nachi, Su min, Cynthia and wenxin sharing the same table as me.

It was a pity I only managed to go for one round of the buffet because being an emcee is not easy! Tricia and I had a lot of duties to do and I don’t know why but I feel the need to go from table to table and entertain the guests, ask how are they doing, and socialize etc. I’m glad everyone seems to be having fun! Well, I guess if you’re the emcee then you’re naturally the host.

Honestly at first when I learned that I would be part of the planning committee for the event, I wasn’t too eager because I was too caught up with school work, tired with routines and just fed up with life. I didn’t want anymore workload. And I was just going through the motion of what needs to be done, get it done quickly, and just wasn’t too keen or involved. But after everything ended, I’m just so thankful god has given me this opportunity. Being an emcee for the first time and being part of a committee for the first time, I have experienced things I never did experience before :’) the feeling of satisfaction is tremendous and I really feel I didn’t deserve all the praises people sing of me; like “grace good job on the publicity!” 
“Grace I thought it was great!”
“Grace nice emceeing today!”
“Keep it up” etc
But I DID think of the ideas, but before the event, I was thinking: 
“The thing about publicity is you only have to work BEFORE the event, but ON that day you don’t have to worry about anything else because everything has been done is done. Publicity like putting up posters, invitation cards, videos are often done before the real thing. Unlike food and decor, publicity team can just slack on that day yay.”
BUT. The thing I love about being part of the publicity team is that it’s so fun, we get to be creative and brainstorm our ideas and stuff. I think god is really working in wonderful ways because it’s such a coincidence, what I’m doing in publicity is so so related to what I learnt in school! I design posters and I got to put all my knowledge like typography and even the illustrator software into use. Killing two birds with one stone–being able to sharpen my skills and being able to serve the church. :’)
I think we have certainly faced obstacles in the way, eg. The PA and sound system not being able to work and other technical problems that hindered our presentation to the congregation/SF. However ultimately, the best thing is having Florence and vans in my team, they are so fun to work with and understanding. Thank you, vans, for rushing down to my house right after you’re sticky and smelly after your training and be willing to stay till so late at night just to work on our ideas. I’ll never forget that last minute Saturday thing when we scared ourselves with a gory storyline!

And this is like the prayer cards we have to make for the rest of the church members to pray for the event 🙂


This was before the event when we went there early to prepare. As I’m part of the committee, the whole committee have to go early so :/ we reached there at about 11am and Tricia joined me because we have to work together to rehearse the emcee script.

Running on a treadmill on high heels because swag 😉 and no I didn’t fall

They had this really big and gigantic storybook in the cafe and vans tried to be funny 😉 I really miss the good old days when I still had my childhood bedtime stories from my dad.

Preparations lookin’ good! Everything was just strewn all over the table and they’re pumping/blowing balloons. Of course there were people doing sound check and cutting streamers and using chalk to draw on the blackboard…I just love the messy state of the cafe before the event, it has the party-gonna-begin kinda feel. Until the moved all the bags and everything to another room! But it’s okay, they soon started blasting music, guests started arriving and let the fun begin!


Alwin and Ariela singing 🙂


This photo was taken because everyone kept commenting how Florence looked like Su min, and none of them really agreed, and wenxin insisted their nose looks alike (LOL!) so we took this down to show them. So, do you think they look alike?

It’s amazing how close vans and nachi is;  I can’t believe I have just witnessed a friendship blossom to such a best-friend-extent in such a short period of six months. Maybe it’s because how close she is to him that enables me to be able to refer to him so casually like this even though I have only met him for one day, but there’s nothing to be awkward of.


Managed to take one with Marcus, a really energetic guy and his vocals are really good.

And Michelle! Her parents are from hongkong but she’s born in Canada, before she moved to America. Going international! The fascinating thing is, she still knows how to speak Cantonese!!

And this is just Tricia and Florence fooling around with my phone after the event. As usual when I pass my phone to anybody I’ll end up finding a bunch of repeated photo spams in my phone. So let’s create a gif! Because I can’t decide which one is the nicest.

fooling around again…

NO words are express our lameness. Deciding a decent pose for a picture at the staircase? They captured it all down instead 😉

Now let’s give a bit of attention to the decor! It was really nicely done and drawn.

Soon after I found myself flooded by balloons! It all started when I found a few balloons on the couch and I’m like “what are those balloons doing here hey maybe I can use them!”

Ok then I don’t need to explain much further, as you can see people one by one just came to join me in this balloon adventure HAHA.

A few FORMAL shots:

We all love the painting by Van Gogh!

Here are the group photos!

This is so crazy, Su min and I just found some pillows on the couch that are so nice and started playing with it. I think I was so high that day that I could literally play with anything haha. But Su min, if you’re reading this I’m just so thankful that you could come and god brought you here. Remember, you don’t have to thank me for inviting you, but I thank you for coming and I feel so honored. I believe all along you are a chosen child of god. I hope I can continue growing in The Lord with you and be sisters in Christ!

It was a great great evening spent with great great friends and company.

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