10 Groups of people that God has placed in my life that I’m eternally grateful for

1) My parents. Family is always first priority, that’s what people say. Sometimes the people closest to you are the people that hurt you most, but I never ever doubted my parents’ unending and unwavering love for me, everything that they’ve done for me, are out of good intentions and goodwill. Thank you mum and dad.

2) My Godparents. They are the ones that showered me with gifts and love when I was young, spoiling me, providing for me. My Godmother gave me so much laughter, she brought everything I wanted for me. From toys to Barbie dolls to candy when I was younger, and books to clothes and delicious meals when I’m older. As for my godfather, he brought me to see Disney on ice and trips to Malaysia for food. Not only that, he showed me the perfect example of a strong faith in Christ and living a Christ like life. He encouraged me when I go to church, thank you.

3) Evangeline Melinda!! I thank you the most. Your advice is always so sound. Thanks for allowing me to enter your church, bringing me there, and being there for me in my breaking point. Thanks for making me dark path brighter, for mailing me, for giving me comfort food. (Let’s go for imperial treasure soon) Thanks for believing the problems I actually encountered when nobody, not even my parents, did. 

4) Sharlene, for whatsapping me even though we have not been as close in primary school…I’m so grateful for the unexpected pleasant surprise text and advice. Thanks for teaching me god’s ways of forgiveness, I hope we can grow in The Lord together and be sisters in Christ.
5) Celia, thank you. You’re my best childhood friend and nobody could ever replace you, 16 years and counting! Remember that. When you told me on Instagram, “I will always always always love you”, I was so moved 🙂 
6) Jingwen, thank you. Thank you for bothering to call and text me late into the night though you don’t always reply my messages. Thanks for trying to give me advice although I know sometimes you struggle with the right words to say, grateful 🙂
7) Julia, thank you. We’re so fated. I really thank you for appearing in my life on my sad Saturday, which is my worst day alone. Even though we didn’t really talk much about my problems, you hugged me and told me it’s alright, and we laughed it off the whole day. I could forget my worries for a while. 
8) to Iris and gang, my crazy bunch of bitches, thank you. Thank you sinming and Jo because they can make me laugh on and on with their nonsense in school, silly acts and stuff haha. And Iris thanks for trusting me so much to tell me about your problems, even though we only knew each other for 4 months, all these brought us closer. I thought I’ll never get so close with people I just met.
9) To Janessa, for showing me what love is, and giving me memories that lasts forever, Thank you.
10) Jesus Christ, since He is fully God, but He is considered fully man too so I should thank Him right? He is far by the most important person in my life. He loves me since I was a child. He gave me the name grace, put special people like my Christian godparents and aunts in my life and he led me to church even when I am worn and don’t feel like going to church. He didn’t give up on me even when I sinned, even when I idolize idols and lust for earthly things like clothes or desire material things like beauty products and fame. He worked in my heart and gave me HOPE FAITH LOVE DREAMS

Don’t be too disheartened if your name is not on the list, because I sincerely thank everybody from the bottom of my heart and I’m sure even the people not mentioned here holds a certain special place in my heart. Like Florence, whom I’ve always looked up to as a senior and feel that she is so wise with God’s word, I’m so so glad to have someone as knowledgeable as her to teach me. Teach me not to waver in the truth but stand firm in it, and so so much more. Like the rest of my bible study group mates, Ariela, Charlene, Wenxin–for having so much fun with them. Every body, each of you have meaningful places in my heart. Sadly my list is confined to only 10 people/groups of people, because if I were not name all of you one by one, it would be endless and words will not be able to describe how thankful I am. :’)

I am happy now, not because my problems have been solved, but because I placed God in the centre of my life. I know he will never let me down the same way humans did. I don’t pray my problems away; I pray that he will help me GET THROUGH IT.

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