10 things and blessings that God has given me in my life that I’m giving thanks to (part 2)

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. I never really had the habit of counting them; once my mum asked me, “Grace can you stop grumbling and instead count your blessings?” and I said innocently, “Ok counted! Zero,” which left my mum on a judgemental look on her face and I swear she gave me this I-dont-know-what-my-daughter-is-doing look. But today I thought since in my previous post I’ve already thanked 10 groups of people in my life, why not thank the things that happened this time?


WooOoOoOoOw! What are these? Yup you’re right, they are receipts! These are the receipts I gained from a single day shopping non-stop. Its crazy because I can visit Sephora 3 times in a day and still buy things each time I enter. My pockets were stuffed full…..with receipts. I just want to thank my parents for providing me always and always, for caring for me and giving me enough allowance not to go hungry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a spendthrift and I’m not that materialistic as people known me to be, I’m more than just superficial. I do bask in great joy when shopping, so I just wanna say that these are one of the things that keep me exultant.


Earlier this April, I was sponsored $40 Uniqlo gift cards to shop till I drop. Who doesn’t love Uniqlo, the heaven of basic wear? So I went there and I was just so beatific because it got my “shopping momentum” going. Along with these, other vouchers and freebies also came along like the vouchers from KFC I received from Nuffnang, and more.

Then I managed to get my hands on $100 Royal Sporting House vouchers and just to add to my jovial mood, I was feeling rapturous. Because of the vouchers, I managed to get Taylor Swift KEDS collection for only $27 @RSH! The original price was $79.


 Yes yes, I’m so thankful I got to win Taylor Swift’s accessories by eating such good and yummy ice cream. Cornetto is so nice, I would eat it even if it doesn’t give me anything in return but I would say I’m very blessed to win more than 3 sets of guitar picks and sound amplifier.

And lastly, the red tour. Getting to meet Taylor Swift in real life is like beyond what words can describe. Even though it wasn’t the best seat ever, but we so hyped up and I’ll never forget that night of wild and fun.

Oh, this. I bet many of you didn’t know this.I wouldn’t have known either if he had told me that night. He went to Singapore Bible college for a short term course. Its so cool because now I’m trying to get him to come to church and the fact that he has background knowledge is so assuring. I like it when my whole family go to church together, like last week. And hopefully they will tomorrow, my father’s on leave with the stupid hospital job (hurhurhur) Can’t wait for family time at church tomorrow. And if there is, I hope we’ll all have a good time.

Alright, I’m going to dig on the past. And don’t judge the title, because I was nine at that time and you should give grace to me. I remembered in Primary school at PLMGS, we didn’t have handphones yet so during breaks I would use the payphone to call home. And one day the broken payphone would just give me back my coins after I finished my calls and put down the handset. I remembered giving thanks innocently and all I wanted was to save money to buy paper stars. Ok HAHAHHAH this is just to add a humourous touch to this post HA since I can’t think of any things anymore

When I said I was giving thanks at the start of the post, I bet you were thinking about the things I’m grateful for at the moment. WRONG. I remembered when I was fourteen and my whole class played truth or dare, I took up the dare to tie my hair in two (high!) pigtails in front of the class. It was embarrassing, but fun and this incident pretty much sums up the interesting memories of my younger days in high school.

Loving my 7 babies at home! Don’t worry, I’m not a teenage mum. I do name my instruments. There’s my piano Mirabelle, my twin guzhengs Annabelle and Erabelle, my guitar Clarabelle, my ukelele Robin, my recorder Dazzique and lastly my harmonica Chanel! I do hope violin, bass guitar, drums, banjo and harp will join my big family soon. I’ll just name my violin Caitlin, after Caitlin Evanson who is my inspiration. I’ll just have to deal with my mum’s occasional yelling “Are you trying to form a garage band?!” so friends, it’ll be okay, you are welcome to jam anytime considering that my instruments are awake (yes, they need their sleep, too).

Woke up today with Vans’ whatsapp telling me to pray to God and ask for self-control and direction. It reads:
“I understand what you’re saying and yeah the bible is really serious cuz God is serious, He hates sin. But I think as long as you pray and asks for His forgiveness, there’s nothing that His blood can’t wash away. He paid the price and the punishment for us already.”
With that I saw the verse Isaiah 43:25, “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.” This is really an assuring verse. I saw the power of God to cleanse our sins and I’m really glad this is the case and I’m so relieved. I’m sorry if I get any religious on my blog this time but I have to say this. My confession; I scolded my mum the F-word once when I was fourteen and rebellious, I will always remember that. I yelled it right in her face and she slapped me. Yet the bible says anyone who curses their parents deserve to die. Whether the curses were said once or one hundred times, it doesn’t matter, I have indeed sinned. I was looking at lev 20:9 and I felt very scared because one; I didn’t mean to throw insults at my mum. Two; I really felt sorry and Three; I just couldn’t control the words I wanted to blurt out at that time. I didn’t know what I was doing, I felt guilty, but I hope God would be merciful and give me another chance to repent.


Reading is my fav hobby because I remember picking this habit up at seven just to appear intelligent. But slowly I love accompanying myself with a good book when I visit cafes, for Mother says a good book + a cup of fragrant Earl grey tea = a lovely lady. I’m proud to own Cecelia Ahern’s collection of 11 novels, they are always crafted in a fairy tale way to teach me lessons in life. I’m also so grateful to own several autobiographies/biographies of my favourite celebrities–Taylor Swift, Portia DeRossi, Ellen DeGeneres–reading about their lives, the problems they faced and struggles they overcame….for it is true stories that we’re reading. Of course, these are not all the books I owned, I still have another few cupboards of all sorts of books in my parents’ room. I just find these books here too precious to be left lying around–so I brought them to my room so that I can read it anytime.

I love reading books myself with no one to disturb me, that’s how I spent my “me” time.

Till next time.

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