One hundred names by Cecelia Ahern

Tada!! So recently I just read this book, and I must say, it is a good read. Talks about a life of a reporter and how she needs to find the true value of herself in this world and purpose of her job. Helps us understand the true essence of being a reporter; actually this applies not just to a reporter, but any other occupation. Having skills are not enough, its about finding the meaning behind life and your job. Eg. I feel that if you’re a doctor, your purpose is not to save lives but to touch lives. If you’re a counsellor sometimes your purpose is not to give advice but to be there for people. In the case of this story, if you’re a journalist your purpose is not just to record tabloids and find juicy news and gossip; but to listen to people’s stories and find the link between each and every one of the human being on Earth.

That’s why Kitty in the story was given one hundred names, to find out the story behind each name. We are not actresses or singers, famous people get their stories heard, get their biographies written. But normal people don’t. Does that mean that their personal life story is any less than famous people like Michael Jackson or Obama? NO. Equipped with the slogan “every heart has a story to tell”, Cecelia Ahern tells us a tale about ordinary, but unique people.

Have we been observant enough in life? To meet new people and hear about their stories and not judge them at a superficial level? If not, its time to start and you’ll find how magical your journey can become. There will be life lessons learnt along the way, no matter what. I feel that listening to people’s stories are just like reading a walking storybook (just at a cheaper price because you don’t have to buy any books) So, my resolution would be to start hearing people’s stories today.

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