So I have been working towards this post for quite some time; I actually wanted to do a review very much after I watched “Frozen” but sadly it was delayed till today.
It doesn’t matter if you watched Frozen or not, you must have heard of “let it go” right? I think this song truly teaches us that sometimes if you want to climb up the ladder of life, you have to go down first. Sometimes to enjoy life and to forget your troubles, we have to let it go. Like Elsa, we should accept what we cannot change and focus on what we can change. Elsa can’t change her powers, but she can control it and that’s the remedy to everything at last. Truly a beautiful tale and my favourite Disney movie.
Here are some of the funny gigs I found online!

What if Elsa was a black? Would you be racist?

Somehow people love to link Elsa to Frozone from the incredibles!










Ok jokes aside, that day I was just looking through the old stuff and I found a handwritten letter from Janessa when we were fourteen. It actually read:


“Have you ever wondered why Walt Disney ever created Disney characters? He first started on filming, the art of making movies. And he found that it was so magical, that through films, we could capture everything at heart, pen down all our memories. He decided to create something, a wonderful world of Disney characters, all for a reason. He wanted to let children know that when you believe, dreams do come true…..And he created Disneyland so that everyone who went there could be happy, a place where fantasies come to life, a place that sweeps you away from reality, no matter how stressed and unhappy you are, a place where dreams come true. And behind every Disney princess, every Disney character is a well-moulded strong-willed character that strives to make his/her dreams come true. Don’t you realise?

Like Rapunzel wants to go out to explore the world.

Like Belle who wants to marry someone she truly loves.

Like Cinderella who wants to go to the ball.

Like Wendy never wants to grow up in Neverland.

Like how Ariel wants to be a human.”


Janessa has been a fan of Disney much earlier than me. I learnt to appreciate Disney a bit later but it was better late than never. I understand what’s she trying to tell me in her letter now, now that I’ve experienced the magic, it was even more real. I felt that it at that point in time; for a 14 year old to write that, she must have been really wise beyond her years to capture the true essence of Disney and to write it on paper to me. So that till today, I can look at it and discover this precious gem.


Let me add on to the storyline of Disney;

Like how Anna in Frozen is so determined to find her sister and bring back summer.

Like how Ariel is willing to go through all pain of losing her voice and tail in exchange for her dream.

Like how Rapunzel wants to see the lantern lights and how she fights to get away from her stepmum.

It heartening to see that till today, the dedicated workers and storytellers of Disney continue to work by this motto, “Dreams do come true”.


I find it to be one of the most powerful statements someone has ever told me because nobody has ever told me this before. Maybe people don’t realise it, but Disney can do wonders because when you believe, whether its in God or in your dreams or in yourself, the magic can move mountains.

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