The best jumpshots of all time

Hey guys, I mass blogged 3-4 these few days so whether you’re looking for the “Disney” post or the “10 things and blessings God has given me in my life that I’m giving thanks to” post, scroll all the way downnnnnn
Recently I’ve been nostalgic and I’ve been looking through all my holiday photos, and I found a pattern! That jumpshots were my favourite shots and I do have a whole collection of them! Like everytime when my friends and I run out of poses or have nothing to pose, we would say, “well why not we’ll just have a jumpshot” You can call jumpshots my favourite pose. I remembered once when jumpshots were trending in sg. So here I complied everything and I present…my forte!
In photo: Me
Place: By Singapore River 
Credits: Celia
In photo: Vans and Wenxin
Place: Pasir Ris Beach
Credits: Yours truly

In photo: Jan and I
Place: Double Bay condo
Credits: vans
In photo: Me, Vans and Cynthia
Place: BB/GB centre/retreat campsite
Credits: Matilda (if I remember correctly)

 In photo: Me
Place: RWS
Credit: Jan
 In photo: Celia!
Place: Bishan/AMK Park
Credit: Yours truly
 In photo: Me
Place: Sentosa Boardwalk
Credit: Vans
 In photo: Me
Place: SEA aquarium
Credit: Vans
 In photo: Me
Place: SEA aquarium
Credit: Vans
In photo: Me
Place: River safari
Credit: Jan who claims she’s the master of taking jumpshots 😉

In photo: Celia
Place: Clarke Quay
Credit: me

There are only 11 photos here but I do have much…..more. Jumpshots really make memories seem more vibrant, because it multiply your joy in photos.

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