Wet and wild + Florence’s slumber party!

Hello! Its my 100th post. This blog has came a long way and I’ve had this blog since I was sec3 awww :’) Gonna blog about this slightly outdated event but its certainly worth blogging for. During the June holidays, Wenxin, Florence and I has a smashing sleepover at Florence’s house. Yay for sleepovers! They are the best bonding time for friends, best advices are shared during this time, getting to know each other’s parents, heart to heart talk about life, etc. Just like in the states how they crashed each other’s houses during someone’s sleepover, hey you never know, we might be doing that next time!

So we started off the first day of the sleepover well at church…..spent with Charlene and the rest.

Then after church, Vans and Wenxin came to my house to hang out for a lil while! Wenxin was the one that suggested the “house hopping” idea and she was like pestering me grace let’s go your house go your house I never go before HAHAHA
PS/ Vans is not part of our sleepover she just came over for fun

But sadly, since we still have alot of work in the holidays, we can only have a 2 day long sleepover. There was once celia’s sleepover lasted 5 days! So here’s our itinerary:
Day 1 (sunday after church) : house visiting + movie marathon
Day 2 (monday) : wild wild wet

Yup, the itinerary is this simple. The purpose of the sleepover is just for BS group bonding, just the 3 of us. But now since we’ve combined BS with Charlene, Vans and Ariela so there’s six of us! (sidetrack abit, that day Florence got everyone matching BS earrings and all six of us happened to have a ear piercing!) And yes…Florence betted on it, but she did guess correctly, fortunately. So brave of her to buy the earrings without confirming if we had a piercing.

Soon after, Vans left as soon as she came and its only left with wenxin and I.

I thought Wenxin looked quite cool with her rainbow-coloured braces!! Wenxin don’t kill me for posting a close up picture of your mouth online hahhhahaha. So Wenxin and I were the only ones left in my house, Florence would come later because of some church comm meeting and dental appointment. So Wenxin and I kept busy by looking at past photos, chatting, me teaching her how to play the guitar and so on. It was very good bonding time and I mean it, I did not have such bonding time with Wenxin since forever.

Then Florence came and joined us.

HAHAHHAHA top left miley cyrus wannabe
I had no idea my tongue was that long

I’m so glad everyone enjoyed my mama’s fried rice. We had dinner at my house and Wenxin was so eager to show Florence her newfound skills with my guitar (I taught her ;)) and she played call me maybe. Besides the guitar we still played the piano and guzheng and it ws like a music jamming session ahaha. Then it was so late by the time we proceeded to Florence’s place, like around 9pm? Wenxin still suggested a night walk at 3am(!!), planning to walk to go get supper at that time. And I’m like “okay this sounds fun enough to be a great idea and besides I’ve never tried walking this late before and walking always made me think and ponder about life and its so cool to walk at night” but on the inside I’m just like “PLEASE hahaha even my bangs are long enough to replace my sleeping mask though I don’t use a sleeping mask but its okay anyway I just can sleep right now so tired”

Spent the night:
50% movie marathon
We watched everybody’s all time favourite–Spirited Away! I wanted to watch it again because it was so nice but I’ve forgotten about it. We watched till 1am at night, at first we even thought that we could go on and watch more but we were so tired already. And wenxin even said that she doesn’t sleep on sleepovers. (Then why is it called sleep-overs?) They should call it stay-awake-overs. But we slept for the sake of wild wild wet tomorrow-if not we wouldn’t have any energy to play, Florence said. In the morning we even said a whole list of 5-6 movies we wanna watch but in the end only watched 1.
30% quiet time
We did QT because as you know Florence is very particular about this kind of thing so we did it together (though its supposed to be individual) We even recorded our full prayer in front of the videocam!! We did the book of Ruth and it was meaningful, but super power packed.
10% talking to our “other half” BS group, Vans Charlene and Ariela
And they were complaining about how we didn’t invite them hahah I guessed they looked at us so admiringly and they were saying how we should have a 6 people sleepover next time. Wow! If we ever had one that’ll be the biggest number I’ve had for a sleepover.
10% Maggie mee supper
Remember “Maggie mee party”? Apparently we loved Maggie mee so much that we decided to have a supper with Maggie mee. Its the duck flavour one and its super nice so we cooked a pot and ate it before going to sleep. Because we are soOooOoOo hungry and it feels like a pig 😉

The next morning! Here we are at wild wild wet! (even though we faced funny but weird obstacles like walking too much under the sun, Wenxin forgetting to bring her contact lenses, Florence not having a swimsuit, Florence waking up late–I found out that Florence was quite a good and heavy sleeper)

*Trival-we went to Wenxin’s condo at Pasir ris before we went to wild wild wet. And that’s why we were late actually. We, being very ambitious and kiasu people, planned to reach wild wild wet the minute it opens at like what? 10am? Cuz we didn’t want to queue for the rides. Haha obviously we didn’t achieve it and we reached there around noon because we just took our own sweet time and delay delay and go to Wenxin’s house to hang out and look see look see and such. (its my first time there) Wenxin, your house is sooo nice! I’m surprised you don’t have one direction posters in your room. (or did I miss it?)

Here’s Wenxin at the lockers! A candid shot I took without her knowing (hehe..) AND GUESS WHAT. We had problems with the locker too cuz we didn’t know how to operate it (fools right) and in the end our money got stuck inside but the locker wouldn’t lock itself so we had to put in another round of money for it to be unlocked. TTATT and so we paid double the price.

Wild wild wet doesn’t look very sunny from this picture but it was very sunny that day. I spammed sunscreen lotion but I still got burnt so badly and I even had the ugly tanline till today 😦 And my muscles hurt so bad after I came back! It was so painful I cant even move my legs or walk ugh. Need to train more.

We choose the “lazy river” as our first stop because we just wanted to warm up and swim in the “lazy” current before going on any of the wacky slides or scary rides. And I love the floats the provided in the lazy pool! Its like so strong and you can put your whole weight on it and it wouldn’t topple. Florence and I even tried the double float where both of us can go in the same float together at the same time!

Then we went on to the “tsunami”. It wasn’t exactly the scariest pool but idek why I found it so scary??? I hate deep pools. I hate it and I find it so scary and that’s why because the tsunami has different marked zones and guess what I floated unknowingly to the 1.80m zone. I mean I know how to swim but I wasn’t a very very confident swimmer(especially against the current OMG), unlike Florence. And at that point I had already lost Florence and wenxin and I was hanging on to my float like a leech. And to make things worse, the current the tsunami pool is producing isn’t helping me really. It just sweeps me further and further away to the deeper area and I drank a lot of water -_____-

The slides were so fun!! Especially the ohhlala , scary and fun. We went on it like 3 times. I loved the going down part! Those who went will know. And there’s this dark slide and bright slide, I just call them like this but actually it’s because one is an open slide and the other closed. The closed slide is like total darkness! It just envelopes you and you wouldn’t even be able to see your 5 fingers, promise. Closed slides turns me off because I had a scary experience when I was 4. I went to Malaysia’s theme park and sat a closed slide all by myself without knowing that it’s the 4 storey high scariest slide. And it was so dark inside I began to regret it immediately. And mind you, I was four 😥

This is my favorite ride! slide up! I dragged wenxin along because she was reluctant. She said it was a terrifying experience the last time she went on there. The thing about slide up is, you have to sit on a sled-like thingy and they push you from a very high place (I call it a hill) and it’s so scary damn. It’s just like a vertical drop because it’s so steep. Wenxin went to wild wild wet around 3 times man lucky her, I can’t believe people who went to the same places of interest 3 or more times. Like how do you even generate enough chances to get tickets and go?? So lucky. I think wenxin’s mum had free tickets and she just kept going, she told me. Same goes for USS. I went there only once. There’s people I know who went more than 5 times. What’s more confusing is that people who went there a lot of times will tell you “ohh this ride is super scary, that ride is super scary!” And they will still sit it anyway.

Here we are with tickets at the entrance preparing to go in!

But after I sat “slide up” I found it super nice(don’t you love the heart-in-your-mouth feeling) and I persuaded Florence to go on it with me another time but she wouldn’t. Oh I forgot to mention, Florence’s scared of heights. So naturally Florence wouldn’t try the torpedo too right. The torpedo is a very very very *inserts a thousand verys* crazy ride with a free fall. Yes, free fall. They’ll give you a 90 degree drop at the count of 5 seconds with no support and no harness and you’re just standing there looking helpless. You have to stand on the thing that is something like a trapdoor and when it opens you just drop and drop till you land on a water slide(closed slide which makes it even worse because its dark). And Wenxin sat and said a lot of water went into her nose and the water will be just like gushing and gushing under high current that sweeps you at a super fast speed. GUESS WHAT. Florence queued up for it, and we made sure she sat the ride but in the end there’s a (grown!)boy crying and praying in front of her, she was soooo soooo turned off and she just freaked out and left the queue. I didn’t go in the end. Florence’s logic, “Why pay to bring yourself through such torture? hahaha.”

The child pool was so fun. The slides overall were very mini (like playground slides) and we had to fight with children for it hahaha. but I loved the part where they poured a whole tub of water on you and it was literally like pouring rain and raining cats and dogs. It must have been heavy cats and dogs. Florence and I went under the tub a few times and got poured a few times and the impact of the water that hits on you is no difference from hail I promise. Its a like massage.

After getting out of the pool (reluctantly) and changing out, I went to macs to buy cream! Yay now they have the green cone and HALP they wanna snatch my ice cream :0 


Then we break sleepover after taking my laptop from wenxin’s house. (Break camp so break sleepover?? Hahah)Considering it was my first time at wild wild wet, It was a worthy experience.

It was a great sleepover spent with Wenxin and Florence. We still aim to have a picnic, go book shopping and try out Japanese buffets next time (as bonding activities). Its sad that we’re short of time as Florence is leaving for Sweden soon, but only for 6 months phew! I’m sure God will give us many more opportunities to bond and do all these things in future. Awesome!

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