Haw Par Villa

Hello everyone!
Today I’m gonna talk about the Haw Par Villa trip with Celia (again, an outdated post, due long long long time ago) Earlier this April, I went there with Celia and I remember it so clearly because it was Good Friday! I went after church and it’s just the both of us.

The weather was damn sunny so I wore a cap and then it started to rain. And POUR HEAVILY. Who are you kidding man -.-
I remembered it was the period when I wore my freshly cut hair that everyone made a fuss of because I had long hair for 8 years. Celia was so shocked because I purposely styled it to look tomboyish and she said she would totally date this hot me. (first, not self praise…second, okay??? Thanks LOL) You have no idea how awkward it is to type this. Probably I’ll look back 5 years later and think the way I type is disgusting and lame but it’s the memories and show change and maturity right?

Do we look like butch and femme? Hahahaha.
Iris said when she first saw me on the first day of school she thought I was a guy and Linhui said I looked like those Korean girls in dramas pretending to be guys. Jan said “omg all your feminity has gone down the drain!” because people who knew me, know I’m “guniang” for God’s sake. And I told her, “I look like a girl trapped in a guy’s body” Ok I shall stop. Getting too deep into the hair topic already. I’ll do a post just on hair next time.
Here we are in front of the famous gates :’)

Believe it or not, I have never been to har par villa before. This is my first time going there even though I have lived in Singapore for all these years. My mum used to promise to bring me there when I was younger but I don’t know why it didn’t somehow work out. Don’t get me wrong, my parents were so eager to bring me there when I was younger! But they just never got a chance. My mum would tell me stories about the Chinese legend and beliefs and how they used to punish children who misbehave in hell.(obviously this is a tactic parents use to discipline children right)They said if you were to tell a lie your tongue would be cut off. See and these are just some of the punishments.
Why on earth did I take so long to visit this place of interest?
Here we are at the gate of “hell”. They made you walk through this whole dark tunnel and inside they have signboards telling us the different punishments and sculptures depicting the punishments. It was so scary omg because some of the sculptures were so real.(that shows it was super well crafted) Some little children got scared so they cried inside. Haha.

 This looks so gory 😦

Sorry if the picture quality is quite bad because its so dark inside the café 😦

These are the different stages of hell. It’s so cool they even include the respective punishments for the respective wrongdoings.

I know the tale of the madam white snake is a very important legend but till now, I still don’t know the tale of the madam white snake haha.

And then we met some very cute standing sculptures along the way and had fun with them….copying their gestures.

LOOK at celia hahahahah

And there’s other cute sculptures!


Walking up the stairs
Other picturesssss

Pretending to emo even though we’re in fact very happy kids


Every blog post about Celia must have one classic unglam face~

Here are some of our pictures with landmarks!

You have to walk ALOT when you go there because apparently there isn’t any form of tour bus/shuttle bus to cater to you and bring you around the whole place. My mum said it looks nicer now since there was a period of time where it was under renovation. I think its a good place to let children pick up history and heritage 🙂

I succeeded in climbing this bumpy “mountain”~ not bad right
it was so hard to get down I almost tore my pants LOL
it got caught in the structure

Celia said the animals very cool so she climbed on top to take picture with them
After coming home and looking at all these pictures again I cant help but feeling we’re in China
Here are some of the sculptures~~

What a beauty (this kind of woman are considered beauty in the past)

What a beauty (this kind of woman are considered very chio now)

HAHAHA kidding she’s not a sculpture


oh my this is too gory

After all this, we discovered an underground cave which looked super dark on the inside and basically when you’re standing outside and you look in its super creepy…which is why I wanted Celia to go in first and Celia being celia did this funny action..ha…hasn’t changed one bit (which is good)


Interested to know what’s inside the cave?

 Celia’s first reaction was “omg omg omg so cool hey its all white can come here for Frozen photoshoot okay don’t tell any cosplayers okay” opps, not a secret anymore.

I don’t know why but this cave gives me the feel in those China ancient/olden films about the monkey gods and the supernatural powers of the devil and God. Its like the ideal setting for filming and its just like….in those caves in the high mountains where the pixies hide or something wow.


After that we went to the food mall (idk what is it called) at buona vista and eat!! We visited this Jap minimart kinda store and tried the milk there and it was soOooOOO good. 
And then we bought FOOD and sat down and played the pocky game! So much fun that day with this fun girl :’)

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