Universal Studios Singapore (part 1)

Hey you! Guess what…I’m blogging while being sick and everybody says I need to get my ass of the internet and rest. Everyone has fond memories…right? Today I’m digging up my most precious memories from three years ago…when I was 14 and in high school. Its sad that I didn’t own a blog then, so I wrote everything down on my diary but now since I have a blog I’ve thought of transferring what I wrote all up, so why not? I went USS on youth day. I’m so glad I’ve written all the details down if not I’ll probably not even remember its youth day. I know those blessed people go USS more than once but I only went once so I cherished it 🙂 Especially since now they declared the official closure of the famous red&blue roller coasters. Whyy!! I haven’t tried the red one. I’ve rode the blue one though, leave details for later. Alright so I officially start “copying” everything I write over now..(yes word for word) so please don’t judge the childish way I write in Sec2 please! And I remembered I took some pages and mailed it to Janessa as a huge parcel plus I have the habit of recounting in Chapters last time.

Dear diary,
I have probably wrote this many times but I’m still gonna repeat it. It all began when my aunt and uncle invited me to join my cousins for some fun at USS on youth day 🙂 They actually paid for my admission and I just got one free ticket! They’re always so generous. And I feel I’m very lucky since the ticket is very expensive like $70?? Since its so pricey, I never dreamt of going there since its impossible my parents would allow >.< (I literally drew this emoji in my diary) Anyway, I'm thankful and I feel the trip could not have been that worth if my cousins and I didn't try almost all the rides.
Early in the morning, aunt drove everyone to USS. But we stopped for breakfast first. USS is near sentosa and the harbourfront area, so its gonna be a long car ride! Everybody was so excited!!! On the way!! Halfway through the ride, I just kept blabbering with my cousins and aunt asked where and what we want to eat, and if I lacked anything. Then we went to the hawker centre when there’s less people. I’m sure nobody likes crowds, especially when you’ll be tired of crowds at USS later on! USS opens at 10am, but we left early at 8am and plan to go early. AHA. Now its 8.45am and we’re eating. (I probably had a supersonic memory back then) The food is nice. Isabel and I ordered a bowl of handmade noodles and shared. Not so much since its breakfast?? So my cousins and I went to persuade the adults to hurry finish their coffee and get going.
Our second half of the journey begins! So on the car, my cousins and I discussed fashion magazines…then aunt was checking the map for directions, and my uncle asked directions. (while the rest of us did nothing and just enjoyed life at the back of the car) When we are approaching our destination, you know how excited or not??! Know or not?!?! (look at the disgusting way I write last time and yet I’m so brave to type my embarrassing words out) We were enclosed in the car, yet longing to reach there. The first thing we saw as we’re approaching was the “far far away” castle! The view was so awesome! EVERYBODY IN THE CAR SHRIEKED! Ahhh! The castle was sooooo tall, I feel as if I’m in Disneyland…dreaming….the whole car was filled with our screams of joy and delighted voices! We were so high and on cloud 9. We want to fly and we made hilarious expressions! Then, we started to sing the Cadbury ad’s song (it was very popular in 2011, the one that goes “when we reach our destination, lalalalalalalala, wont it be nice?”) We saw the casino as my uncle parked the car and screamed. (practically screams at everything)  
-(this chapter starts with speech bubbles)-
“There’s soOoooOO many rides, how to sit all? Which one first?”
“Hey hey hey, grace look, battlestar galactica!”
“I want candy floss! Where do I get it?”
“No no no, roller coaster first!”
“Hey, roller coaster no queue!”
(basically everyone was talking at the same time and there was no room for proper conversation)
The next minute we knew, we’re up there flying along with the wind on the roller coaster. The roller coaster turns out to be SG’s scariest roller coaster! And I was thinking if Fedora (12 years old at that time) can do it, why cant I, a 14 year old? Honestly right, we were too excited that we didn’t even bother to look up and tell how tall is it and if this scary ride is really suitable for us, blah blah blah. Before the ride, we didn’t even bother to look at the coaster. We just simply went on it and wanted to know how it feels. After the ride, our gaze never left the ride throughout the whole day. We practically cant believe we were sooooo brave and actually rode on it. We worship ourselves (I wouldn’t use the term worship now but this was written in 2011) like the roller coaster goddess! Hehe 🙂 I called ourselves the 3 musketeers. And we cant believe we actually survived! Like, “omg, we actually sat on that how-many-times-higher-than-us roller coaster?” Everybody was just full of comments when we got down, we cant get enough of that dizzy ride.
Honestly, I’m not brave in my whole life. (oh that was 14) Not brave at all. But why am I so brave when it comes to rides? My own saying that goes, “When one’s excited and concentrate on the excitement alone he/she have no mood to consider fear, and thus will overcome it with the distractions of friends and gain courage with time.” #sodeep
EXCITEMENT > FEAR (my own equation) <—I cant believe I wrote this
We were so excited, I’ll probably spend the rest of my life talking about how excited we were. We dashed up, flock there, throw our specs and slippers on the ground (in case it flies off during the ride since it’s a loop ride) and just boarded the ride.
Soon after screaming too much we lost our voice. My cousins and I said “our aim is to lose our voice~” and we just kept shouting randomly throughout. Its my first time sitting on a roller coaster and I actually sat the loop one. Where you go upside down….woah…I’m thinking how to protect my heart while on the roller coaster! The first drop of the roller coaster is just like committing suicide!! (in my opinion) I think its the best way to experience dying without actually hurting yourself. You see, people wants a close-death experience but they don’t want to die. My cousin said I’m very brave cuz its my first ride and I sat the battlestar coaster! When I went up, I was so scared that I cant scream. I opened my mouth but no voice came out…it’s like I can’t even generate a proper scream! Instead, air rushed in my open mouth and when I got down I felt like vomiting. EARS DAMN PAIN DUE TO AIR PRESSURE and I can feel full force of the gravitational pull for the first time..
After the ride, we kept discussing about the Battlestar coaster like crazy. We even cracked nonsensical jokes!
Here we are now, at “Ancient Egypt” after the scare from the roller coaster!
I really, really love the décor there and the majestic statues! I feel so small! But it gives me a grand feeling, that place. Anyw, we went to ride the slow jeep. After the shock, we couldn’t take anything fast cuz we’ll really vomit. My cousins did persuade their parents (really badly) to join us on the fast rides but they didn’t and joined us on the slow jeep ride instead. The word “slow” really stands out which was what I needed most at that point *laughcry*
As I said, we all wanted to lose our voice, so we anyhow scream on the jeep ride as if its scary and in return got weird stares from the tourists. They looked at us as if we’re mad. Just then, Isabel have this sudden urge to take a spin again. Our crazy roller coaster obsession is up again! Then since we’re already at ancient Egypt, she requested to sit the Revenge of the Mummy! *plays scary music*
My first reaction was, “o.o you crazy?”
I have heard rumours that people could not take the shock from ROTM and came out, crying really terribly. Got one small kid scared until urine there somemore..eww 😦 So I don’t dare….{note: its SO WERID to force myself to type in singlish..I hate it, notice I don’t use singlish now when I type. I cant believe the level of singlish I used when I was 14}If Isabel recovered from the Battlestar, I haven’t! So my aunt, Fedora and I stood outside and waited, and we didn’t sit the revenge of the mummy. And I thought to myself, “Maybe, later, after I’ve calmed down.”
Sidetrack: About Halloween horror nights in USS
I somewhat admire and pity those who went there back then. Pity because the battlestar roller coaster wasn’t open yet (in was 2011), and horror nights means a lot of creepy, eerie, scary, frightening, strange stuff there. IMAGINE…but Halloween is my favourite festival and I really love celebrating it, especially Halloween celebrations are rare in SG, they should have it more westernized…and trick or treat is awesome!!
That’s all! I will cut it here but stay tuned for Part 2, Chapters 6-10!

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