Florence’s 21st

Hello handsome guys and pretty girls! That day I went to celebrate Florence’s much anticipated 21st birthday! Florence you’re 21st now but I don’t need to tell you to be mature cuz you’re all along so mature :’) The party was held at her cosy house and just with a few close family and friends. She told us she wanted to keep it simple because anyway she’s flying off to Sweden soon but boomz! She had a dessert table!


Here are the yummy goodies! Florence told me she wanted a dessert table after visiting Alwin’s 21st birthday, where he had a dessert table too. Nah, no surprise! Florence loves baking so…
She told me she went to IKEA to get all the nice table décor! I was so impressed and Florence is truly living up to her name, the love of florals. The amount of flowers she placed on the table was….

Shoutout to @lialia_food who offered to bake these goodies for Florence! I tasted it and it was so heavenly. I love the one with the kiwi because the sour taste of the kiwi blends so well with the sweet taste of the pastry. Everybody keeps asking Thalia to own a shop and sell her goodies because it was so good! Florence baked as well, it was as nice.

Here’s me, Shuks, Ariela, Vans, Charlene and Florence! Sadly Wenxin couldn’t come because she has work…:(

This pose
took so long to create

Final Bible study group shot! (but missing Wenxin…) Of course there are other people who came but these are all I have!

And ending off because I have to sleep, its been a long day at church and all this morning, went pretty great. Had lunch with parents and their old friends from church Uncle Andrew and Aunty Linda :’)

Nice night view from Florence’s house on the 13th floor, too beau!!! I can see the flyer

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