Universal Studios Singapore (part 2)

Introduction (same as part 1, skip this if you have read part 1)
Hey you! Guess what…I’m blogging while being sick and everybody says I need to get my ass of the internet and rest. Everyone has fond memories…right? Today I’m digging up my most precious memories from three years ago…when I was 14 and in high school. Its sad that I didn’t own a blog then, so I wrote everything down on my diary but now since I have a blog I’ve thought of transferring what I wrote all up, so why not? I went USS on youth day. I’m so glad I’ve written all the details down if not I’ll probably not even remember its youth day. I know those blessed people go USS more than once but I only went once so I cherished it 🙂 Especially since now they declared the official closure of the famous red&blue roller coasters. Whyy!! I haven’t tried the red one. I’ve rode the blue one though, leave details for later. Alright so I officially start “copying” everything I write over now..(yes word for word) so please don’t judge the childish way I write in Sec2 please! And I remembered I took some pages and mailed it to Janessa as a huge parcel plus I have the habit of recounting in Chapters last time.
PS. For those who want to read part one, here’s the link: http://foosiuweigrace.blogspot.sg/2014/08/universal-studios-singapore-part-1.html
(cont. from part 1)
So we went:
-watching shows
-take photos
So we went to “New York”…
Even though those places are not really real and just made to look like New York, I really feel that I’m not in Singapore! Even though the place is imaginary but I really feel that I teleported there…like I’m abroad…that shows USS really succeeded!
Sad…the only exception is the weather! If only they can make artificial snow! (the 14 year old me needs to learn that it doesn’t always snow in New York)
Then, we went to tour far far away….first impression: fairy land, dreamy, heaven, paradise.
“Far far away, high in the castle, there lived a princess called…”
There are sooo many kids there! Imagine how happy they are! People even bring babies there o.0 I wonder how much the ticket costs (I cant believe how stupid I was, obviously its free for them)
I feel as if I’m in Disneyland! I want to go to HK and Japan Disneyland. Look at the clouds above the castle building its so peaceful, carefree…and the castle! I wonder how much they spent building it~ and how long! It looks so real! Like a princess living inside! Then there’s very cute mascots jumping and dancing around such as puss in boots, Shrek, etc!!! I took photo with them, so fun! They all are very hyper! And hurray for the Shrek 4D movie! (Don’t I ever get tired of using exclamation marks in the past?)
That’s how I fell in love with Disney. From USS! Then I learnt to love Rapunzel and now you know. Anyway we went to eat at the Goldilocks fast food restaurant cuz of the shop name “Goldilocks”. It is located at far far away, of course. I thought the sell porridge but it turns out to be fried chicken! Haha, well, its nice but very $$$. Tourist price sigh.
After eating lunch, we actually planned to go on rides but we’re afraid we’ll vomit all the food out. And the queue, in the afternoon, was so damn long. We saw the digital signboard that displays the estimated waiting time, its like 135 mins or 120 mins and definitely more than an hour!
I don’t know why people seriously bother to wait at the queue. Like 135 mins seriously? The battlestar has an even longer queue. All those youngsters like to sit…luckily we sat the battlestar in the morning. We prefer to go for water rides since its hot in the afternoon right? In the morning it was windy so we grabbed rides like the Battlestar.
(written in my phone diary at 2pm)
“Now its like 2pm. Don’t those people get tired of the heat? I think I got mild heatstroke! Yet my cousins wont believe me, and wants to continue playing…I think they ate too much sugar and had a sugar rush! I’m dying for water, like a fish on shore so I went to buy myself this vitamin drink..to cool down myself…GAHHH I feel like spilling the whole bottle down from my head, although its filled with glucose.”
Then we went to watch the “waterworld” show I think 🙂 Its awesome with fire and water. Performers are so skilled! I wanted to get a splash of water actually, but I didn’t get to cuz we were sitting at the wrong angle. Aunt was happy cuz she didn’t like getting wet, even prepared an umbrella!
I was so engrossed with playing, that I forgot to call mum at home and share with her, tell her how fun everything is! So I dialled home and told her about the amazing Shrek movie. Do you guys know the part where the donkey sneezed in the shrek movie? I can feel water sprayed at my face omg! (water represents the donkey’s mucus, eww!) I realised the water is sprayed at the back of the seat. (cuz its a 4D movie) And what about the part about the wriggly creatures? It’s actually felt because there’s this string underneath your seat that is operated by some machine and tickling you! I realised there was a string attached even before the show starts (very observant right?) I still asked Fedora what’s the purpose.
Then we went to sit the junior roller coaster (I think the name for it was enchanted airways) and we sat it 8 times because the thrill level was just right! It was scary but not to the extent of fear but its fun! After sitting on the Battlestar this roller coaster is considered chicken feet for us. Okay, but gotta admit at first it is scary because the roller coaster went a bit too high and plunged down. But sooner we got the hang and its so cool!
And then…carousel!!
Finally I got to sit a carousel after so many years! I miss my childhood and the memories and this is such a rare opportunity :’) We all wanted to get a high seat where the seat moves up & down when the carousel spins. But, no fair!! My seat’s highest length was actually Isabel’s seat’s lowest length!! Which means Isabel can go higher 😦
Hehe, at the Madagascar area, we even sat the water ride there called “a crate adventure”. Its so nice when the water went into this long, dark cave with lots of Madagascar characters inside, which lights up everytime they speak.
It’s soooo fun! Haha everyone including my aunt and uncle went into the same crate, taking photos as we go….at first I was scared cuz I was sitting at the right side and Fedora told me that something would happen at the right side (she went to USS before) so it turned out to be a box dropping from above, but it was held back before it could hit me! Phew!
Then, there was this part in the ride where there’s a big waterfall in front of us, our crate was moving towards it, and if we go through it we’ll definitely get thoroughly wet….but it stopped before we got there in time. That was close! I knew it was a trick but I still got frightened because it seemed so real!
At the end of the ride said “THANK YOU FREAKS”
And there was this water ride at Jurassic Park! Fedora said we would get wet so we were so excited, after a long hot day! Although I brought spare clothes, I wore a plastic raincoat. There’s a lot of people but we still queued. After queuing for about an hour, we were at the front of the queue waiting for our turn. I was so excited because finally, its gonna be us next! 
“Sorry, technical difficulties.”
We were so unlucky!
We have no choice but to leave the queue and everybody else behind us were also called to leave. So, we wasted our time. Great. I walked out of the area sulking. But I think my aunt and uncle were very tolerant and understanding…they didn’t really express their disgust but brought us to look at the souvenir shop instead! We looked around and there’s this sweet shop! I bought this “Best actress” luggage tag from “Hollywood”!  Hehe I like it cuz acting is my passion and I love how the whole place is sooo western themed!
In addition, I brought this sulky damn big childish milk bottle with a cute teddy bear on top! Aunt is sooo kind, she offered to pay for me everything and I still think she’s too generous! Thankful 🙂
carousel pictures 🙂

We sat the canopy flyer last at night. cuz we wanted to sit it in the day but there wasn’t enough time. And long queue. Anyway, night time is windy. So yeah ^^ its a good weather for a ride and aunt finally agreed to sit, after much persuasion….but after she came down she was giddy and claimed it was scary! But we were like, “Nah its fun!!” The canopy flyer has back-to-back seats. Two seats in front and two seats facing the back, so if you’re actually going in the backwards direction if you sit at the back. We sat the back one. Then so fun like everything’s going backwards!
Battlestar galactica looks very nice at night. They have the disco lights and they put music too! And the colour of the light changes time to time so I gives me a party feel. And guess what! We should have sat it at night. It was around 8.45 then when my cousins requested to sit one more time. I’m surprised they even have the guts to! But I didn’t. Isabel said her friend sat 10 times and that she wants to break her friend’s record next time.
I’m mustering up all my courage to upload old photos I had no idea what puberty done to me

So we were happy, taking last minute photos and leaving USS. We were going to the exit, preparing to leave when I forgot something.
“That’s right, the revenge of the mummy!”
“I said I wanted to try it in the evening, but I forgot! Accompany me to sit, please??” I begged my cousins. I thought even if its late and we ought to go home, but if I don’t try it then I might never be able to come again, maybe that’s my first and last visit to USS. (which, looking back, I was glad I sat it because I haven’t gone in like 3 years)
So Isabel and I went to sit the ride, guess whats the waiting time flashed on the digital screen? 000 minutes. The person beckoned us to go inside and its so scary because no one is waiting for the ride and you don’t even have time to get ready mentally! We went inside, walking down the long, never ending pathway like a maze to reach the ride. And walking through paths where there are arrows on the ground and where the queue is supposed to be is so scary. Without the people and the queue there’s this coldness which makes the pre-ride hang even scarier. Plus the eerie sound effects! just the perfect atmosphere of the ride..”enjoying” it to the fullest. I was so frightened!! But I told myself, “no, once we’re here, there’s no turning back.” And we almost got killed by the mummies and bugs inside.
The day ended well! After we bid USS bye bye, we promised her we’ll come again! (how do I even know USS is a female) We went to eat this pepper fried rice with yellow rice and spies at this Indian stall at a hawker centre. It was sooo good. Come to think of it, our last meal was at Goldilocks! So this is our supper/dinner cuz it was 10pm by then. Yummy!
But sadly, everyone was very tired and didn’t feel like talking. So I just sat there. After that my aunt and uncle drove me home. I thanked them for the day. The end.
Imagine that having to go to school the next day, despite having so much fun today! So…next day I was telling everyone about it. But sadly, they weren’t a bit interested….haiz and I was thinking “yesterday was like a dream” I’m like Cinderella 😦 Of course, this thing is over. So now I’m penning my thoughts down and sadly this ended too. Well goodnight diary! gtg sleep

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