Hi guys! This is a result of my boredom still…because maybe one or 2 months after school reopen I wouldn’t be doing this sort of thing. Ok so here’s a quick 20 facts about me (exclusive)!

1. I may name my future child Taylor. (if my partner agrees!)
2. If I ever get married, I would play the song “Love story” and “Love is an open door”, if my mum agrees. Because Frozen soundtracks turns her off. She’s got to agree, too…please..
3. I love hello kitty, and all the Sanrio characters. I like miffy rabbit too.
4. My favourite food is cherry tomatoes, spinach and pickles. Yes…they are all veggies.
5. My mum wanted to give me the name “April” at first but realised later that it sounds horrible with my surname.
6. I am an Aries and I like to hang out with Aries because admit it guys, Aries are so fun and wild.
7. Sometimes I secretly think people are fat but don’t dare to say it out in case I offend them.
8. My hobby is playing English chess.
9. I love airplane food and hotels. Sometimes when I go overseas, I rather stay in the hotel all day watching TV. Hotel accommodations are awesome.
10. I feel great when I’m on stage.
11. I hate “low battery”.
12. I spent 6 years in an all girls’ school and I really preferred girls school…
13. I like texting but I have limited texts.
14. I eat cherry tomatoes every single day.
15. I have been stung by a bee before when I was 4.
16. My favourite movie is still Titanic which causes me to bawl my eyes out and cry everytime I watch it.
17. My favourite childhood books are The series of Unfortunate events.
18. I….want to go back to Australia again 😦
19. But mum says I need to finish my studies first.
20. I’m an only child.