Atas Date

So that day was Atas Date with Sumin!! Sunday after church (I’m glad service ended early) I went to do some shopping with her because….WHOOHOO!!! Exams Projects are over! 🙂 and this calls for some party poppers and balloons and good food and FEAST right??? We went Marche at Somerset!

If you have been to the Marche at Somerset its really something ya! Its my first time at this Somerset branch and I find the décor of the whole place really well crafted! Tbh I think so much effort was put in. OMG I MISS MARCHE& THEIR FOOD SO MUCH. Can’t remember the last time since I’ve stepped into Marche. I think the last time when I was in Marche I was still playing at the Kids’ corner. (which means I still was a kid, get it?? haha) When I was young my mum and Godmother loves Marche so much and they always dine there. I remembered the animal chairs. (the back of each chair had fuzzy animals’ heads attached to them!) head of a lion, lamb, dog, etc. 
Yup so this is their dining area! The whole restaurant is downstairs while the shop is upstairs. And that person handed both Sumin and I this guest card where you can use it to scan when buying your food and pay at the cashier later on. We were so amused by it, not many restaurants run it this way! OH AND THE FOOD WAS SO FRESH. There’s like wine and veggies and everything and Sumin thought it looked like a supermarket.  

I’m so glad its only the two of us like a best girl friend date! idk why but I think Atas dates should only have two people to enjoy the full flavour of life’s pleasures HAHAH. If its a trendy date then maybe we’ll consider bringing the whole bunch along! Ever since I brought Sumin to church and invited her to the event we’ve been really close, its hard to believe I just met you for about 3? times before. Its so cool we bonded at such a hella fast pace and this shopping trip actually allowed us to know things about each other we never knew before!

Ok the food was soooo good. Its a bit oily but hmmm, the flavour’s really raw and yeah NOTHING IS OVERCOOKED. The mushrooms tasted so fresh and raw and the potato skin is so nice because tbh they didn’t skin it. The combination is very harmonious too, I’m glad we knew how to order (clever people here yeah) We ordered 4 dishes and its just so good!!!!! The tomato soup, bowl of veggies and desserts etc.

 Sorry for the ugly filter and the lighting is dim there.

Actually, wee could have eaten more but we held back that day. Sumin said we should really go all the way next time and go for a full blast FEAST. So I’m like why not? HAHAH. And Marche does organize birthday celebrations for kids too can you believe it! Better than the Macdonald’s birthday thingy.

After we’re done and don’t worry I did finish this plate of food after that. In fact, we finished each and every single bite and savoured it because it was so good, repeating for the nth time.

So here concludes our trip to Marche!

Sumin said I looked like a mannequin here, really?

Hmmm then after lunch we walked from Somerset into Orchard for shopping. Sumin wanted to do window shopping but she came with me because she says she likes helping people pick clothes out and its fun. We went to Topshop, Bershka, Pull and bear, H&M, A&F, etc. Alright don’t faint but we skipped f21 and Zara because of my plain absent mindedness. And Sumin didn’t go A&F before because she says the shirtless guys scares her and I have to assure her there’s no more topless guys anymore haha

The Denim collection at Topshop! Each time I walk into Topshop and look at Cara Delevingne’s picture on the walls I couldn’t help but wonder: Is she Topshop’s only model?? *laughcry* Topshop loves her a lot and uses her pictures a lot!

When we entered A&F Sumin pointed out 3 things
1) Its like disco and clubbing because its really dark with all the spotlights
2) You can trip and fall anytime or walk into mirrors if you’re not careful
I’ve got to agree with 3! Sumin was like, “Eh its the default perfume for every guy and the every guy smells the same.” lol! Oh and guys like to wear A&F shirts. I do not get that either??

Went to H&M and both of us tried so many things on! Crop tops, skirts, dresses…so many pieces and I was carrying this huge mountain pile. *inserts any emoji here* I love this white casual one. Its lovely, no? I don’t want to sound vain but I need to stock up my wardrobe. And to any guy reading this right now please don’t think I’m a spoilt, materialistic brat. (yes don’t think that way) I didn’t do shopping for a long time. And I’m not the whiney and clingy girl in dramas that drags her boyfriend out to help her carry her clothes and handbags, please….:) I could very well do without shopping in life. I just like to be independent when I shop yeah

The fitting room always gets messy because of me

Went to SCAPE and cine after that to get laptop stickers and phone covers. All the things needed to decorate my gadgets 🙂

Stopped at Starbucks for a quick quench of thirst and rest. You know how shopping kills your feet. Thank goodness I was wearing my other pair of Keds that day. We went scape, cine, somerset, ion, and many many other places to sum up so we walked a lot. Trying green tea cream for the first time! because Sumin says its nice. I honestly think it tastes exactly the same as green tea latte.

Yeah yeah its Taylor’s I was shopping with Taylor Swift yeah

Mmmm to conclude, it was so fun that day!!! I learned that Sumin, you have a lot of fantasies like living in a New York town house, owning a vintage bike, good food, pretty clothes, haha! And the most hilarious part was when I said, “Hmm what bout’ a car? Don’t you need a car?”
And you said, “Nah I don’t need a car. I can ride the vintage bike!”
The vintage bike with the basket in front is it? 🙂
Anyway, your dressing style is uncovered by me in just one shopping trip! We do have some similarities. Let’s travel together one day okay? Go Rome or Paris or Italy and both of us could ride vintage bikes and meet in the neighbourhood to small talk and go to a café with petite dresses and diaries just like the begin again MV~

See you, Wednesday in a café, maybe 10am? Delicate girls deserves good sleep 😉


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