Church hopping: FCBC

I went Faith Community Baptist Church that day to their Saturday night service because my friend Yeeyen invited me over! So…yeeyen was a senior that I reconnected with after having lost touch with each other for about 2 years, ever since she graduated from my secondary school. We met each other for the first time in like a few years, went to Dome café for tea (and for her, lunch) and had a great talk we hadn’t had in a long time. Its this wave of nostalgia that comes over me. As we talk, we realized both of us had gone through some turning points in life, and for her some breakthroughs, and many many other things that left me utterly speechless. People say maturity comes upon age, but I think maturity comes upon experiences. Having said this and witnessing really extraordinary things happen made me tremble. People say seeing is believing. Anyway, I’m glad I still can talk to her casually and normally as before without any awkwardness even though we hadn’t been seeing each other for a long time.

I love church hopping because its like a way of understanding how different churches work and their style of worship etc plus you get to hang out with different people and hear their stories so its super fun! But at the end of it all, I still like to return to my old church, that’s what true family is anyway. And staying attached with a community of people that can love you and support you is also very heart-warming.

Their worship is so liberating! Most of the songs are upbeat though, its like a rock concert with a garage band playing haha. And everyone was so energetic; singing, dancing and praising the Lord. Its like a disco with those coloured lights and people was like, “Do you guys go church to club??” HAHA.

And I’m so so glad I went back home with such marvellous takeaways. Because I admit that I only went there with the mindset that “okay, I’m just going to see how they run things in there.” But I left the church completely touched.

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