Enjoying life to its finest

Drinking tea, visiting museums, learning about heritage, talking about religion, what could get us more knowledgeable and the day more meaningful??  Saying “I feel so wise” everytime we enter a museum isn’t going to help. Life’s pleasures to its finest that day because finally I can bask in the glory of the holidays and finally have some peaceful moments. I really really really prefer tranquil places and cafes and books and museums rather than the hectic school life..

SO. I went to the TWG tea outlet at MBS at 10pm in the morning because I knew all the working people should be at work and the schooling people should be at school and for the holidaying people, well, they should never turn up here for no reason (: I purposely chose here because I know its gonna be empty and peaceful and okay its really a good start. Oh look, nobody!

I love the outlet at MBS because its on a raised platform and it overlooks the “river” with the fake gondola (the real one is at Venice) and it kinda overlooks the whole place?? (except for the levels on top) and its actually a nice place to start breakfast and tea especially when you’re feeling weary and in need of refreshment. So this thing kinda kick started my whole holiday I guess..?

I went with Jingwen…and we actually plan to meet at 10am but both of us were late, sleep is important for me I guess. Good sleep, good breakfast…I love to sleep till I wake up naturally on my own in the morning and then take my own sweet time to put on a sweater and travel to MBS for breakfast. If only everyday could be like that without the alarms 😦

The breakfast we ordered was Paris breakfast and the croissants were very delicious. Jingwen doesn’t think its worth the money but personally I do. #goodfoodmustappreciate And the tea is English breakfast, that is a plus. XD

Is it me or the picture looks very white??

 Amused at the reflection ~

Fun fact: I’m pairing my mum’s espirit’s skirt with my Guess sweater. And “guess” what?? haha. This sweater has been with me since I was seven and I can still fit into it. It used to be very oversized though. And that skirt has been with my mum for over 20 years. It costs a bomb in that time and thus she really likes it. #imwearingoldclothes #boohoo

Then, we went to Raffles place and went to the Asian civilisations museum, because Jingwen says that she loves museums.

The exhibits there are separated into 3 storeys: Chinese culture, Malay culture and the Hindu culture. It also covers the role of religion in parts of Asia. Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism are also covered. Which made me very confused because I don’t understand a single thing about these religions haha XD There was only a small part of Christianity but seriously its damn small I think I only took 10 mins to read everything.

Okay from this point in time my phone decided to die on me so all the pictures were taken using Jingwen’s phone. I cant stand her camera because there’s no nice filters at all unlike iPhone and why are the photos all so grainy?!??! I hate bad photos 😦 Are all android phones like that…I think Samsung should be okay. Alright guys never ever use a Sony! Jingwen uses a sony (hahha I feel so good to trash her phone like that XD) Okay I should stop complaining already because she reads my blog and she’s probably going to call me an ungrateful person, help me take so many photos already still like that HAHAHA.

I don’t get it the lighting there is perfectly fine so why do the photos look so dark on Jingwen’s phone?? I still have to brighten the pictures using photoshop *laugh and cry* And I have no choose but to pick the better few among all the others…the rest of the photos are for my own memory!

Then we went to Victoria concert & memorial hall. It was very pretty. I wanted to get some pretty shots but there were people taking wedding photos so we didn’t want to intrude them 😦

“Take a deep breath in the mirror
He didn’t like it when I wore high heels
But I do
Turn the lock and put my headphones on
He always said he didn’t get this song
But I do, I do”
This picture
Begin again Music Video feels anyone?

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