D’ good cafe

Hello friends! On Wednesday night I went to meet my girls for café hopping. Because you know what they say, on Wednesdays we wear pink *winks* urgh we aren’t wearing pink but you get the drift, on Wednesdays sassy girls hang out for girls night 🙂 We went to D’good café at Holland V and since its my first time at Holland V I was quite lost. Ok anyway so here we are: (from left) Me, Vans, Ariela & Charlene
“Blessed are those who dwell in the house of the Lord,” -Psalm 84:4
Ok my favourite verse. Shall keep that it mind lol

Can you believe it? That actually our main purpose for meeting up was to go to a lil’ nice café to do bible study and in the end hahahha the café we went to actually has a verse inscribed on the walls related to the bible? (:

And I met up with Charlene early so we went there first, since its our first time there we were so directionless and walked one whole big round around the café and even ended up winding up to this back alley. Its damn smelly LOL

Ok so we reached the café! Which is on the 2nd and 3rd floor and the 3rd floor was so crowded full of students chit chatting so we couldn’t take it and went to the 2nd floor. Cafes are either very noisy full of chatter or quiet. I love to do devotions in café. I usually do my devotions in cafes(provided that its peaceful) HAHAHHA and I just like to sit in a corner and indulge in my world with a cup of coffee. I think cafes provide you with this kind of ambience that allow me to have my “phone call” with God.


WAITING FOR OUR FOOD LOL and Charlene hacked into the cafe’s wifi because she guessed the password correctly at first try! How cool is that! (nope not gonna mention the password here so you guys can go try it yourselves if you go in future how bout’ that)

MINE -oysters and poached egg. Its the first time I tried a poached egg and the first time I know what a poached egg is? Apparently Ariela said they just crack the egg in boiling water. But I find the egg too watery when I ate it and Vans helped us finish all our food, as usual
So thankful that I got a friend who can help me finish my food :’)

The thing about Holland V is that (I think, in my opinion) it looks like Broadway! With all the street signs and neon lights. And there’s a lot (a lot!) of German, New York, Mexican bars that made it all the more like somewhere in America! It gets really crowded at night, the whole row of bars I mean. The night life there is buzzling with fun, now yassss I found a new gateway besides Orchard Road. Definitely gonna patrol here often hurhurhur.

After we were stuffed with dinner we had bible study for about 30? 50? mins and then we went for desserts weeeeeee. We went haagen-dais. Ordered 3 scoops of ice cream–green tea, tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake and the tiramisu was so good! Had fun chatting about the plans for Teachers’ Day over dessert, and had fun mixing that 3 scoops of ice cream together till it looked gross like wasabi. (Vans your fault!)

Actally after mixing the ice cream it still tastes nice though

Ending off with a selfie because Ariela didn’t join us for dessert. Before I went Holland V mummy already told me that Holland V is famous for their food, but my mummy didn’t go there before. I should bring my parents someday. (probably during family day or whatv lol) I’m so gonna hop down the whole row of cafes one by one. Watch me 😉

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