Teachers Day X Victoria Concert Hall

This few days has been nothing much, basically going back to my secondary school(xmss) during Teachers’ Day with my whole clique and sometimes I wish my clique weren’t so big hahahha such that we had trouble fitting everyone in the photo. Jingwen, Me, Junning, Yining, Huijie, Xiujin, Jiani, Elissa and Linhui (omg I realised there’s so many Chinese names 0.o) Elissa and I are the only ones..
The poly peeps who were holidaying went there at like 10am in the morning because we wanted the catch the celebration in the hall but idk why we ended up talking downstairs at the canteen table?? Then we were too lazy to move our ass to go up so in the end we didn’t XD Then later in the afternoon, the JC peeps came straight from school. Haha this shot down there, we took so long to create our own pose perhaps because….we aren’t the posey kinda people *awkward laughs* and as for me, I can only pose properly without laughing at myself if there’s a DSLR or a professional photographer in front of me (which is kinda a sad thing during photoshoots, I know)
Had to take pictures of my art mural! (grace pride *beams*) see my name painted there? Its this whole stretch of art mural the art students did when we were Sec3. I remember we even invited this professional over to guide us and we spent late nights in school everyday for one week painting it. We were talking to Mr yam and he said hopefully they wont demolish or paint over it! I hope it stays there for 10 years or so….:) The bears I painted is so cute

And then along the way we met teachers like Mr Hiew, Ms Ng, Mrs Guna, a few Chinese teachers, Mr Lee and Mr Yip! I made gifts for some teachers only cuz…..no time 😦 And most of the teachers were so shocked to see me. Mr Lee was like pointing at me and the Chinese teachers were exclaiming saying I changed the most among everyone and I’m just like (omgawd why why why what’s happening o.0)

Last group selfie before we went for lunch at nex! Its been so long since I went nex omg :/ Glad to gather with like the 8 of them and catch up and I’m in a way (happy?) that I have such a big family :)))

So that’s the end of Teachers’ Day and it concludes how I spent my morning too!

Okay….so in the late afternoon(evening?) on the same day I went for photoshoot hahahah with Sumin. We wanted to take pretty pictures so that Sumin can do her scrapbooking (I think youre thinking of doing one right Sumin?) and I cant believe Sumin and I have only met 4 times before in real life and we’re already so close. (sorry had to repeat this again!) We went to Vic concert hall because the last round I went there people were taking wedding photos (hmph) like they own the area but in fact I don’t think they even booked it lor :/

 Walking to vic concert hall
(In case you’re wondering this is the walkway beside Fullerton Hotel and let us take a moment of peace to bask in the glory of this beautiful place)
Yay “New York” skyscrapers

Yup so we arrived! Nice place, huh? And beside it is the memorial hall and the good news is that its open for public and photoshoots from 10am onwards if I’m not wrong!

I have already released some of the nicer/better shots on Instagram already but here are some of the others! (unreleased but not least) haha

Some behind the scenes!
Here are the MEMEs for you to enjoy just for laughs

Sorry its vulgar but no harm intended to any target group yeah

I really love that whatsapp emoji

Have a great weekend everyone!

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