New School X common foundation

Alright since the school holidays have arrived and I’m kinda free plus the old school term/semester 1 has just ended, I’m gonna do a reflection (?) kinda post about school because if you noticed I haven’t even beeped a word about school on this blog before! As in…I didn’t really dedicate an official post to school and I guess this transition–from secondary school to poly–is one worth taking down of…so maybe I can recall back these memories in future so why not ūüė°

Rite of passage: I’m officially a Design student now!

I have realized that ever since school started in April, time flies so fast. Taking all 7 modules at a time and its zoom and Common Foundation (CF) is over. I think now is a brilliant time to look back and do some reflection because ONE, I haven’t done any and TWO, the only reflection I’ve done is the useless essay I wrote for HTI journal, which was of course, rushed work and I didn’t do it probably opps.

So…here are some ways that design school changed my life

1) Baths
I find myself taking more baths than ever before. Seriously because of the late nights in poly and all the shitz and travelling to get art materials and materials printed, I always feel very sweaty and smelly when I reach home. And I simply just cant stand it so I can take as many baths as 3 times a day. Before that when I was in secondary school, I only took a bath a day.

2) overgrown hair
I am so busy that I have no time to bother about my fringe which is already long past the “poking eyes stage” and it is now growing like grass now. Even my red highlights became brown highlights goodness. I should take this holiday to pamper myself and go to the salon someday. I really wanna go do my hair its been so long since I’ve styled it like…April?? Its long to me because 6 months and the maximum¬†duration I¬†be away from a salon is, well, 6 months HAHAHAHA.

3) Submissions
I got used to the late nights. TP has this quote “sleep is for the weak” on a wall for their students even haha. Is that supposed to encourage the students?? There were times where I only slept¬†napped for 2-3 hours before the days of submissions. Seniors told me that nah, design school is like that one, would be very busy and all. To JC students that think that poly students lepak and are good for nothing, please think again YOU ARE SO WRONG. I don’t know about the other courses but for design (and architecture students, based on Elissa)…what is sleep?

4) Daily Train Problems

Just LOOK at this. At first I thought going to poly was kinda good because classes start at 9am (yes that’s the earliest slot in my timetable for the week) and I can sleep late (: But which means….peak hour! Every morning, the train is bombarded with the stupid working population ugh and some of the people are so tall in the MRT they squeeze me like mad// and I feel like a dwarf next to them// not that I’m short but¬†my figure is¬†petite and those men and adults with their weird mixture of strong perfume smells makes me wanna puke every morning. Strangers, silence, waiting for trains 2 (or even 3) rounds because I cant get on most of them due to the immense crowdedness…good luck to Singapore aiming for an even higher population. I didn’t even face this kind of problem in secondary school…riding the bus is so peaceful I can even sleep and read my notes. Now…I don’t even have space to use my phone.

5) CCAs
Yup so I only have one official CCA and that’s Strings Ensemble. I play the violin. Kinda musical but I don’t know??¬†I only love aesthetics and I cannot imagine myself doing any other things besides music or the arts. I wanted to join CO but they didn’t want to give me the role of the guzheng because its limited and I would be¬†forced to learn another instrument so nah :/ and I was thinking maybe try out a new instrument so why not??

So here’s me and my bae (:
I even sacrificed my long nails to play the violin and the guitar so lets have a moment of condolence for my nails xx.

Then there’s my part time CCA astronomy! I call it my part time CCA because I do go there just that at the same time I don’t commit myself that often. Just wanna try Astro cuz….cool and unique?? Like not really a CCA you can find in most schools…and there’s where I met my friend Sumin! Astronomy is really cool but the only bad thing is we go stargazing so CCA session ends really late. There was once we went home at 11pm. And I used a telescope for the first time and we saw planets like Mars, Saturn, etc. And then besides the moon we saw stars (“saw stars”) lol….

Alright so pretty cool yeah? Actually in poly there’s no limit of the number of CCAs you can sign up PLUS they don’t even track your attendance or care if you turn up. Yay for no discipline committee! HAHA I signed up for vocal talents (whom audition I didn’t turn up in the end because I saw no chance for myself when I looked at the amount of people competing), Comperes, Student exchange, Strings and Astronomy. I even wanted to sign up for piano and jazz band but they needed background and that sucks :/

6) Building & architecture
I came into SP with the mindset that “okay, my school’s gonna be big, its probably the biggest poly in Singapore, so yay” #schoolprideah And one of the reasons for choosing SP…as lame as it sounds….because its big (: School pride’s hella important for me alright.

But the thing is!! I didn’t know how lapsup the Design school is until the first day of school when I almost got the shock of my life omg. My friends ask, “Is it that bad??” Well, maybe I expected better but it turns out that….no. The air there is very humid because the whole SP is in friggin Dover and on top of A HILL. And it gets worse when it rains and all the bugs and creepy crawlies will come (especially to the design school) because its so green up here. Ok this is kind of a rant segment (?) But I’m just stating facts and I really really regretted not coming up to see the design school during SP open house! If I came up I would have probably gone to Ngee Ann or Republic or Temasek or¬†something? Hahah but school’s appearance always matter to me ūüė° (it is very important!)(to me) When I was young I wanted to study in a glamorous school but now I find myself going school to “trek” everyday up¬†the flight of stairs and the whole design school is so filled with plants, I thought I walked into a nature reserve.

Alright this. Is the nicest view of the building I can get. One cool fact about SP is that it’s forever renovating and either the school’s rich or (?) I do hope they get rid of the excess amount of nature they have here because the whole school is turning a conservatory HAHA and¬†because of the plants it gets very muddy when it rains. And the floor gets dirty when everyone steps everywhere ewww….but good news, there’s the new design school coming up this month! and it looks brilliant! The opening ceremony is next week…about whether if I would make my way down…sigh I’m busy ūüė¶

7) Fun times
There’s bound to be some hilarious and amusing¬†times in school right?

once they made me hold the box like a samsui woman and I swear like 10000 fail shots before they got a proper pic because the camera kept shaking while my crazy clique were laughing
¬†chilling out in colours–our OGLs, Mad & Pinky said that Colours is the space that design students will hang out mostly for the rest of the 3 years and its always accompanied by hotshot caf√© and… true LOL

My talented friends could make this out of a kneadable eraser and I don’t get it no matter how I try it just looks like a lump of clay

In design Studio!

8) Food
Sp has six food courts. When I told my mum this she got a shock. And the reason I came to SP even though it was big is because I thought they had a shuttle bus service to ferry students from faculty to faculty. So here’s my order ranking of food courts:
FC2 –> FC4 –> FC1 –> FC6 –> FC5 –> FC3
I dont get why my friends love FC3 so much?? I¬†dislike¬†FC3 the most because its always crowded. And it doesn’t have air-con *fans self* As for FC5…I find the food there too unhealthy, all the fast food. The only thing I like there is probably Starbucks coffee. FC2 is da best because the food there¬†is so cheap and its near design school.

9) Friends
¬†Really really glad for iris, sinming and jo ((my usual clique)) that are mega crazy and supportive during like this whole common foundation….like THANK YOU GUYS A BIG THANK YOU for helping me cut the mounting board and everything during project submission and I was flabbergasted as always the usual me HAHAHHA and Iris for comforting me during that mega tough period where I¬†cried in school everyday (tbh such a crybaby lol) HAHAH anyway thanks Sinming for cheering me up with your weird& classic faces that will always haunt me in my dreams *winkwink* and Jocelyn with filling all us up with laughter and jokes and I’ll always remember the time we flee from centipedes (!!) hahah love you ūüôā

cuz messy hair much swag
when my highlights was still fresh and red (haha okay sounds like blood now)

I will remember the late night chats with you till 3am and you will forever be this naughty PENGUAN (: xoxo

These 3 people who turned my miserable life upside down HHAHAHAHHA

And our Playscape group for DVMD!

Oh and there was this time in orientation where everybody just kept taking weird selfies(the selfie song was also trending)….and all sorts of selfies and we just spammed everything at once. Hence explains the gif and of course there are more and too much to post ūüėČ We even made memes out of them! Its just so fun especially during flag day where everyone decides to lepak at scape and we only did flag day for half of the day.

10) Class
My class was a very fun class at first…where everyone was crazy and everybody remembers how racist Gabriel was is since the first day of school. I’ll never forget the first 5 days of orientation?? Where there were so many games and so much shouting. And we build this creature out of cardboard! Cool right #firstthingaccomplishedasaclass

And on the last day we got a cake for our beloved OGLs!!! At somerset I remember :’)

Selfie and that’s really the maximum my arms could stretchhhhh

11) Projects

Presentation day and we all had to wear formal wear!

That structure I’m holding…was made and crafted by me and me only (pride) its not very good but its an accomplishment for me because the whole structure is made out of A4 paper and no other material! The work is so tedious, every single one of us hated the module. It took me so long to make around 70 paper cuboids and fold them one by one but finally its done.

Guess what is this? Styrofoam. We are supposed to construct a draft model using Styrofoam beforehand and¬†look what I did after cutting…..everything….its¬†snowing¬†

carrying my 3D wire sculpture

Flight object

Goodies I received for happiness project (:

Here’s my extensive collection of colour pencils ya

Hello I’m painting and slowly transforming into Avatar lol

Here’s Iris and I! Proud of our project boards


Ending off with a group picture for the playscape project!
And this sums up my whole new design school thing!

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