Life after O levels (Part 45): Conclusion and reflection

So here’s the official closure of the “Life after O levels” series! So I hereby present the 44 links (just click on the part no.):

Part 1 :O.U.T. (with Vans)
Part 2 :Prom night 2013
Part 3 :Gym and shopping (with Vans)
Part 4: Wanqi’s birthday chalet
Part 5 : SF retreat Part I 
Part 6 : True colours (Xmas event @ Gardens by the bay)
Part 7: Christmas 2013
Part 8: 4Flavours! outing
Part 9: Cosplay Event EOY 2013
Part 10: Night watch (countdown in church)
Part 11: SF Retreat Part II
Part 12: SF Retreat Part III
part 13: SF Retreat Part IV
Part 14: Fun in the rain (church’s captain’s ball)

Part 15: Date with the cutest girl in the world (with Jan)
Part 16: Family outing
Part 17: Jingrace (outing with Jingwen)
Part 18: Slumber party with Evangeline
Part 19: Shopaholics! (shopping with cousin)
Part 20: Open houses(poly &JC)
Part 21: One day at church
Part 22: Joy and sorrow
Part 23: Spring cleaning
Part 24: Janessa’s slumber party
Part 25: Surprises for me (with Jan)
Part 26: Music, music, music
Part 27: BFFs? “I guess so.” (outing with jingwen)
Part 28: Love is in the air! (valentine’s day with Celia)
Part 29: Meet the peoples and work!
Part 30: Dear Gionnieve, Mingfang, Samantha (chp 9)
Part 31: A very Chinesey new year
Part 32: Under the deep blue sea (SEA aquarium)
Part 33: Celia’s slumber party (part 1)
Part 34: Celia’s slumber party (part 2)
Part 35: Celia’s slumber party (part 3)
Part 36: The cookout (church event) 
Part 37: The “eight” clique (Outing with XMS friends)
Part 38: Disney on Ice
Part 39: River safari
Part 40: Karaoke with 4 flavours
Part 41: Donut date!
Part 42: Malaysia [Malacca]
Part 43: Malaysia [KL]
Part 44: Ice skating with Celia and Guzheng performance @sg expo
The greatest hits of my holiday are all these significant events that one by one, mould me into a person I should be and I’m happy with. As I hang out, I knew how to enjoy, how to interact with people better….I saw myself transform into the childish secondary school kid into a woman, stepping stones in life one by one; I’ve changed ever since I started liking english pop, I watched more movies, gained more knowledge, knew about society…..then I’ve had my fair share of struggles, problems, relationships, quarrels; which changed me even further…I took up violin, piano; done things I’ve never done before. But in the end I’m glad I’ve learned so much and knew so much about the world, be it good or evil. Because to do good you have to be aware of evil.
From the start I have been thankful for my blog. I’ve kept this blog since 2012, when I was 15. As I read my past posts, I’m sure of how I grew and sometimes I read the reminiscences..
For the old readers, thank you.
New readers, welcome.   

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