Campus Encounter Weekend

Two weeks ago I went encounter weekend with Vans. I really thank God for sending me this opportunity and opening this door for me to be set free. Initially, when Yvonne and Yeeyen told me about this camp, I remembered so vividly I was taken aback because it all happened so soon. They told me, “Ohh, you needed to decide tomorrow, because its the last day of registration tomorrow.” Everything happened so fast and going for another church’s camp seemed so crazy, like..Saturday night I was attending their service and just seemed so overwhelmed and now you tell me there’s a camp that I might NEED for my spiritual battle and that I have to make a decision by Sunday? Yes, I was fearful, because its a spiritual thing, people get confused, scared; but after talking to Vans the next morning in Sunday we’ve decided to go, because she was looking for a spiritual renewal, and we believed God sent this camp for a purpose, to answer both of our prayers.
We went through session after session, and session after session we cried. The whole pile of tissues was in front of us haha. There was a liberating time of  worship, but in the end God’s grace never fails to touch me.
“He(Jesus) took 39 strokes of the whip for us, so that by His stripes, we are healed. 40 strokes and the person will die, He took 39 so that it would be extreme pain, but still conscious. At that time, there were 39 known diseases to man. Every stroke of the whip that He bore, represents one disease. He took 39 strokes, He took on all the diseases known to man. He was then humiliated by having out a robe on and told to hold a stick, and with all the fresh wounds, the robe was torn of His skin. That amount of pain is unimaginable. He then carried the cross for some distance before He became too weak to do so. He was nailed to the cross on His wrists and feet, and a crown of thorns was pierced into His skull. What excruciating pain He bore. When the cross was lifted, all the weight was supported by merely His wrists and feet, which caused breathing difficulties. Only 9 hours later, He died. The Holy trinity, Father, son and Holy Spirit, had a very close and intimate relationship. But before He died, He cried out,” Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” It was because all the sins of us humans were upon Him. “
-taken from Vans’ blog!!
Because of this act of Jesus thousands of years ago, we are able to live in freedom today. Jesus carried my cross, the cross that I’m supposed to carry, but He did it for me. I was supposed to be crucified, but He did it for me. Just one drip of His blood running through my veins can save me.
 These three days are so precious to me and I hold them dear, we left the camp completely transformed of our beliefs and we’re just so touched. I am so glad I’ve made the quick decision to go to the camp. The camp was so powerful, I see people began to speak in tongues, people eager to be baptized, I witnessed Vans getting visions, my groupmates getting slain; and all these were done so peacefully and gracefully in the power of the Holy spirit.
And because there was shedding of Jesus’ blood, I’m able to stand here today, sinless and free of all curses. You and I, our sins were nailed on the cross from the moment we believed. I know I can always hide for refuge at the cross through the darkest storms, where Jesus would hug me tight just as how He loves the little children. Because our God is a loving God, I’m able to say I have a very loving relationship with Him today. He knows my thoughts and I’m so thankful that redemption comes through faith in Christ. His unconditional love is free to all who believe. He speaks to me and I listen, then its my turn to speak and He listens. We could always run to the altar, forever and always, always and eternity.
We were then required to take a piece of paper and write down our sins, then burn it as a symbolic act. As I watched it burn at my feet, I shed tears and mourned for my sins; but after the mourning, there’s no turning back. I turned my back, wiped my tears knowing it’ll be gone and erased by Jesus’ blood. We know that we have achieved victory through Christ. Satan was crushed at our feet simply because Christ purchased the victory for us. Because of Jesus, I don’t overcome my sins, but I died to them. I died along with them. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

(please ignore the toilet sign haha) Thank God for this lovely bunch of people–my groupmates, meeting them for the first time yet so overflowing with love in Christ and so open in sharing, for my amazing guide Jennifer, my awesome best sister Vans, for showing me all God’s grace in abundance.

My chains are gone, I’ve been set free; my God my Saviour has ransomed me, and like a flood…his mercy reigns; unending love, amazing Grace. Unending love, amazing Grace.

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