CHIJMES + Fullerton Bay

Thursday, 11th September 2014

Dear Diary,
Today I went out with Sumin in the afternoon just to take pretty pictures and tour Singapore like a tourist heheheh. Thank God for moments like this that we get to see the beautiful side of Singapore. I think you’ll never really see the beautiful side of Singapore (excluding the flyer and MBS) unless you really explore. But most Singaporeans wont do that. Its just the both of us. We met at Serangoon mrt, because both of us wanted to find a job near our home and we approached Starbucks, etc. Their employment form was seriously so long…but we knew Starbucks probably wont hire us so we went on to Orchard’s kinokuniya branch because Sumin said she wanted to work in a peaceful bookstore. SO…we went like 4 places in a day(like SERANGOON-ORCHARD-RAFFLES-BRAS BASAH) and by the time I got back I’m so dead tired omg 😦

After job hunting at orchard(we almost wanted to work for kate spade Saturday lol), we decided to go to Fullerton bay first, then go to CHIJMES at night for supper. Halfway through, the weather decided to go hard on us and it started to pour. And it was literally raining cats and dogs, we couldn’t cross over from one side to reach Fullerton Bay hotel because it was raining! And so we decided to just run under the rain and #yolo

Look at the overcast sky 😦 we actually planned an outdoor shot but ugh weather weather why have you gotta spoil it

And by the way, the rain was reaaaaally very heavy. I grabbed my coat and covered it over my head and Sumin grabbed her cardigan and covered it over her head too and 1,2,3….we counted, screamed and just ran. Its so fun. Ok people who have no problem walking in the rain would be like nah…no big deal…how is it worth recording down BUT for me, I told Sumin I have never once walked under super heavy rain like this before and I’m like allergic to rain which explains why I still bother to open my umbrella at the slightest drizzle. But we did it!

And ta da!! The soaking wet us was greeted by the cold breeze of the strong aircon and as we stepped inside it literally feels like a fairytale!! It reminds me of Cinderella’s ball. Somehow I started to think that this is the perfect scene that Disney was trying to tell us of her ball. And then Sumin told me that her dream is to dance under the chandelier on her wedding. The dim and orangey lights!

And the toilet was so pretty

Other photos taken:

They really have gorgeous flowers on their tables!!

Oh, and they provide like informative and thick books about Singapore on their tables too, things which we didn’t even know about Singapore :’) had fun reading them and I’m glad we’re sheltered from the rain

Pictures without anyone inside:

This is the dining area!! Honestly if you asked me to compare Fullerton hotel with Fullerton Bay hotel, I would prefer Fullerton bay although its much smaller. Its actually prefect for a date! Their dining area is damn dark and its covered by a ceiling-to-floor length curtain (like those you see in palace yes) so if you’re looking for privacy with your partner, I feel Fullerton Bay provides dining under these conditions! While Fullerton Hotel is much more open, breezy and casual. Because they cater buffet by the River (of course its candlelight too) but you’ll be surrounded by a lot of other couples.
The “outside” dining area and the lil garden hahaha. I don’t know why but I always imagine Disney princesses love to stroll along these places with flowers and glowing bushes etc etc. (which is exactly like this scene)
Then guess what. When we’re leaving wanted to leave, we found out that the rain had not stopped, but in fact it has gotten even heavier. My goodness…we should have gotten out of the hotel earlier! Sumin was like, “reminds me of Taylor Swift…singing in the rain…what was that? Ah…fearless!” And so we..yolo-ed again and this time, singing the song Fearless as we ran and we giggled so bad at ourselves. We really got wet and Sumin looked as if she just bathed! And so we’re cold..wet..hungry hahhahha doesn’t look as glamorous as the photos isn’t it
Ok here’s CHIJMES!!! Our journey to CHIJMES wasn’t easy. We were
1) hungry and on top of that we’re
2) tired from travelling all the way and back and forth and back and forth
3) penniless so Sumin had to lend money from me, and we’re going to be 
4) late past our curfew if we don’t hurry and nothing is nice if its done in a hurry
 Sumin told her dad that she’s only out for job hunting and the truth is (hahah who goes out for job hunting that long??!) And in the end we went all the way to CHIJMES just to eat toast box. Because Sumin said she no moneyyyyyyyy and I cryyyyy because I actually wanted to try the cafes and bars at CHIJMES. 😥
The architecture of CHIJMES is really good. I had wanted to go there since primary school and I cant believe I took so long but oh well at least I finally went. Restaurants, bars, grubs, bistros and cafes there are all so appealing. There’s this Japanese restaurant I wanted to try so badddddd and omg I hope I can go on a food adventure someday :’)
Their corridors are really THAT empty

Then when we passed by the CHIJMES worship hall we saw a notice that says there’s CHIJMES morning worship session so I took it down and decided I wanna go next time :’) btw CHIJMES is not a church it doesn’t hold fixed services so yeah (but my dad says its catholic so idek) Sumin says we’ll go church hopping next time!

But apart from that, CHIJMES give off a “demure” and peaceful kinda feeling awww I can always hang out here when I’m feeling down
Bye diary, I’ll be back

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