Church + Family day

Taken from my drafts Sunday, 14th September 2014
Dear Diary,
Today was just spent with my mum and dad. Simple, just three of us, our family bonding time. After a wonderful morning in church, we went to Sentosa RWS and then SEA aquarium!! Its really an eventful day. Why do I say that? Because we actually went out from morning till night. (like 8.30am-10pm??) damn power, because most of the family outings we had are really simple ones. Family outings are different from my friends’ gatherings, those we can play play play and go wild all the way till no end la HHAHHAA.
 Can you guess where is this? Yes, its the sentosa RWS ballroom.
My mum being herself..
 Such a fun time hanging out with my mum!! Its been so long since we’ve properly went out and DO SOMETHING like go to the sea aquarium.
Considering that I’ve been to the SEA aquarium once already, I was a bit reluctant to go with my family because I find that SEA aquarium is nice, but not nice enough to go twice isn’t it? Vans was so envious of me in church because she loved the seas and she was like saying, “WHAT GRACE THAT’S TOO GOOD if I’m you I would be happy to go see the fishes swim again” cuz she said it made her feel carefree and she wanna be one of those divers that are allowed to go into the big tanks and feed fishes.

But actually after I went, its not bad leh cuz 温故知新 mah!! (wowwwwzxc not bad its my rare times using Chinese again) but yeah anyway, it feels different to go with different people!! I noticed some new species of  fishes I’ve never seen before the last time. And I’m so grateful that I actually went with this loving group of people because its the company that matters. :’)

Jellyfish!! Oh and the place is literally so cold. Very cold. I don’t know if the fishes require a certain temperature to survive or what but its definitely colder from what I remembered. And because it was cold I needed to eat hot food. So mummy brought pizza from the snacks store and immediately regretted after buying it, cuz its…$9.80 (around there) but my mum still never hesitated. Haiz screwwww tourist prices ugh

I’m proud of this shot!!

Ok this. Let me explain the story behind this shot. What happened was the fishes there were swimming so fast and IDK IF ITS A HABIT OF THE ALL THE FISHES AT SEA AQUARIUM but every time I try to take a picture, its like ZOOM and they’re gone and I have to shift my camera and chase after them and the images always ended up getting blurred. Like this…soon after I gave up and just admired them instead.

Actually come to think of it…blurred photos has its own beauty hahha because it shows MOVEMENT #designstudent #whatdesigndoestoyourmind

LGBT fish? Opps…..

Can camouflage? 🙂

I kinda like this picture though it creates the illusion that I’m under the deep blue sea swimming along with the fishes. Oh mannn I want a snorkel so I can go diving 😦
Yes, its a fish!

At first I thought those two fishes sticking out of the pot are statues made of clay because they seem so FAKE and BIG and HARD but they turned out to be real fishes!

Then we stayed at Sentosa till late at night to watch the crane fountain show and its superb! At first I started off not getting the story and thought its just another un-amusing fountain show but the last part is really great with fireworks.

Despite my tiring feet, we still decided to walk about to Vivo city through the Boardwalk and not take the monorail. (and I even removed my shoes and walked barefooted) Because the view is too nice! The city lights seen far away IS beautiful, along with the car headlights spotted on the bridge.

Bye diary,
I’ll be back.

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