Pre encounter camp briefing

Taken from my drafts Saturday, 13th September 2014

Dear Diary,
Today was nothing much, basically just meeting Yvonne at Starbucks to chat and share about life. Vans joined us too and its the first time she’s meeting Yvonne. Raffles city Starbucks outlet is seriously da bomb. The layout of that outlet is good.

I normally like doing my quiet time outside because my parents are usually at home. If they hear me breaking out in tongues and praying, they’re gonna freak out. But its mostly due to the peace of mind I wanted. I like to be alone when I have my appointment with God. What am I talking about, I’m supposed to be alone. Its supposed to be private.

I love going to quaint lil cafes out of town, take a window side seat and look out of the café at the people rushing by. If its raining, its even better. I like looking at rain aimlessly. But most importantly, I like to pair a cup of sweet tea with God’s even sweeter Words, occasionally looking up from my Living Life journal to gaze at the window. I like to listen to hymns when I do devotions. Anyway, Vans and I arrived first, then Yvonne because she was caught in a jam. Starbucks green tea latte really never fails to amaze me no joke. Its deliciously good. All I did was order green tea latte when I enter Starbucks.

Yvonne told us to pick a verse that’s most personal and useful to us, and recite it out loud. She was so nice, Vans said. She assured and prayed for both of us before we left to go the encounter weekend’s pre-camp briefing. Then, Yvonne told us that she won’t go the campus encounter with me, but her cell sister Jennifer would be there as our guide. I was a bit sad. I wanted her to go. By afternoon came, we left; as we had to rush.

Then we arrived at FCBC late, but the briefing was still good. It really prepared my heart for the camp and the little testimonies were so powerful. Both Vans and I were just so excited for the camp, and ready to encounter God and see what He has in store for us there. Vans was looking for directions in life, and I was looking to break free from my curse. There was much to expect, little to fear.

Just as the briefing ended Jennifer came to both of us and introduced herself as our guide. When Yvonne said earlier that her cell sister Jennifer would be there, I missed out the word “cell” so I heard “sister” instead and ended up asking Jenn, “Oh, you’re Yvonne’s sister?” and her reply was, “No, hahaha do we look alike?” Anyway she seemed nice. Then again which true sister in Christ isn’t nice. All I ask is please, help me during the encounter.

It was a peaceful day, nothing much but so rich in hope at the same time, and that night I finally knew what Yeeyen meant by “go home and rest in the Lord’s presence”.

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