MacRitchie Tree Top Walk

Taken from my drafts Tuesday, 16th September 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Celia and I tried to be funny and foolishly went to try hiking/trekking without knowing what’s ahead of us. We regretted it a few hours later. We went to MacRitchie. HAHAHHA. Actually it was my idea because I wanted to try the famously new built tree top walk. (cuz friends’ instagram photos showed too many of that place) We met in the morning at around 11.30am? That’s because I’ve got an interview in the even earlier morning but I’m glad I made it on time!

And then later we had trouble finding the place. OK not really the PLACE itself but the ROUTE to take to get to the Tree top walk. Because the Tree Top walk is literally deep inside the canopy. But finding MacRitchie itself from the MRT is bad enough!! We struggled which station to alight, which bus stop to take bus, which bus to take and which bus stop to alight and even how to walk there. Phew. I haven’t been in MacRitchie since I was nine!! Both of our directions had been very poor HAHAHA remember the time we had to take a trishaw because we didn’t know how to get to Fullerton.

Opppps I think Celia looks a bit distorted here because…panorama 😦 Sorry! Look at the awesome nature pictures:

Seeing this picture made me feel like skipping stones. And I have a feeling of shouting and my voice would echo back hahahha.

Then before walking further into the canopy Celia and I sat down on the bench to put our Banana Boat sunblock and somehow (idk I really don’t know how..) THE CONVERSATION STEERED TOWARDS joking how we can put sunscreen lotion on unseen parts of our body (like our armpits eww) and yeah of course we had a great laugh about these nonsense but obviously we didn’t do it lah.

At first we came with the impression that the tree top walk is just there and we’ll just cross it, 10mins later, and go home. But…I called Vans (who went there before and she told me 3 shocking facts):
1) we need to trek almost 15km to the tree top walk!!
2) It will take a few hours!!

3) the path would be narrow and there’s no turning back once you enter cuz either way is far
4) You get to chose which route to take and there are a few routes
She also KINDLY added that her friend almost killed her when she brought her to trek and chose the longest route…if that helps.


Then we looked at this map before beginning and…we found out there are 5 routes! And sadly, the only route we could take was the longest one because somehow…that’s the only route that leads to the tree top walk. We did some lil research and asking around and was enthralled to find out….OMG its gonna be a long and tedious walk! We have gotten ourselves unexpectedly into something we, the unfit people are totally NOT looking for HAHA. But we went instead, Celia’s reason was, “Nahh just exercise lah exercise is good after being a couch potato for so long,” and my reason was, “Since we’re already here, there’s no turning back because my goal is to get to tree top walk no matter what!” So we went.

There are signs like this along the way to show us how long we’ve travelled and how long more to go. And honestly….I don’t really pay attention hahha. And I don’t think its accurate too! Here it says 5.4km more to tree top walk but both of us agreed it really seems forever! Like no matter how much we’ve walked, 1m felt like 100m HAHHA. Celia said, “its good!! We never go gym mah so this is gym for us,” but OMG ITS REALLY SO…worse. I cant believe my dad used to train there everyday (or everyweek) before his marathon! That’s super cool (and hella tiring man!) I don’t know how he survived it in his younger days, we’re like 17 and panting wild wild.

AT FIRST IT STARTED OFF SO WELL & WE WERE FULL OF ENERGY, still can enjoy the breeze &nature sounds
Approximately two hours later…
I really cant describe how tiring it is. Its like even this is an understatement but I’m gonna spend this whole post describing in detail how tiring it is and WHAT IS IT that made us tired. I wouldn’t say I’m ranting, but I just think the whole post should revolve around this point because its really the maximum amount of things to say to make my readers feel that my account is real! And of course bring out the depth of my account. Its really tiring. So much so I, (being the cleanliness freak grace) can sit down on the floor of the whatever-nature-reserve-or-national-park-canopy to rest. If I can sit down, then you can imagine how tired I am to give in because I don’t even touch the floors of clean shopping centres.
And we faced obstacles like(I’ll talk about them one by one):

As you can see from the picture, yeah, blocked. And we have to crawl under, at the same time praying that the half-hanging branches wont fall and crush us. Our dear life *cries*

This picture does not portray the eeriness but its really dark in real life. And Celia told me she actually went to trek the same route before in primary school when she was in girl guides and I was like, “Eh so young?? How do you survive it? Is it as tiring as this?” And she’s like, “Yeah it is! But there was a lot of people and everyone walked as a group so its fine and less scary.” Yes its true eh. Go with a group of people is less scary then only two of us eh.

Yes, imagine walking through all this alone! Ok lor if you say “no big deal” then I applaud you.

 We thought it was a real snake! When it came out, we got the shock of our lives because we only saw part of its head sticking out from the bushes and it really looks like a snake. And my mind immediately went, “if its poisonous we’re dead, ambulance takes a long time to come and we’re in the middle of nowhere, nowhere near civilisation, great” We didn’t even dare to scream. Its really our first time seeing this weird creature and getting so close to it before so I said to Celia, “I feel like I’m filming national geographic,”


These 3 types of roads=terror. They made my feet so painful!! And because I was wearing converse sneakers I was so scared they’re gonna get dirty from the muddy roads. Luckily I didn’t wear my red Taylor swift KEDS! They’re very precious to me..haha. But my converse are high-cut so its so stuffy and hot inside and all…Bear in mind the steep roads we walked are almost 45 degrees, reminded me of climbing bukit timah hill. And the roads with stones are not filled with small stones, but really BIG ones urghhhh AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FEET WHEN I GOT HOME


Remember how I said earlier on that Vans’ said that there’s no turning back? Meaning its only a one way path, we cant backtrack once we’ve started. At first I was a bit puzzled because how narrow can the road get to cause you not to backtrack? But. We turned around, looked behind our backs and realized…we simply CANNOT COME OUT AGAIN, because when you travel for more than 1+hours, you also need that time to come out. Which is so annoying. And all your effort travelling will be wasted, you might as well go on right? Its not like you can dash out any minute, that’s a different story. So we gritted our teeth and completed it.


Then we passed by this golf course. People were playing golf. We sat there to rest and we were like OHH finally a place of rest! So we sat on the grass like picnic and reapplied our sunscreen. Huge course by a country club and you know what? We got chased out because they didn’t want to golf ball to hit our heads (lol)! We cant step inside cuz its private property. Reminds me of the “trespassers would be persecuted” sign AHHAHA.

Yes, we’re so lucky we didn’t get sunburnt and I was praying because I don’t want another tanline to occur again! The weather is hot and humid though, both of us really sweat like nobody’s business. Its so humid because of the trees and it makes the surroundings so wet and disgustingly moist. And with our sweat not evaporating at all, (haha so scientific) the sun is even hotter. Both of us literally felt like we’re in a dessert till we saw this tree..

Ok what happened was we saw a half naked man standing in the middle of the forest(?), he held a shirt over his back and he was so scary!! (rather me scaring myself) because he might be
I) mentally insane (and I told celia and she took out her umbrella, ready to attack)
II) waiting to rape someone in the shrubs when there’s no one (I sincerely hope that’s not the case; because my mum likes to read news and these kind of things randomly appear in the news. even so I followed suit and opened my umbrella for defence HHAHHAHA)

Basically we look retarded.

Right after a few hours into the canopy and we were moaning and regretting about how we didn’t pack food with us. SO hungry!!! Especially when you’re exercising and consuming your food energy and us being us food lovers….
Then no food, never mind. We FINISHED OUR BOTTLES OF WATER. Then we refill, and finish again and the water cooler’s soooooo far away. I feel stranded on an island. Later need use survival skills how. hahaha. So we shared water obviously but when BOTH of us finished everything…its so thirsty, like really cant go on anymore ugh

Ehhhh *gives the meh face* its that time of the month again and…period cramps +hiking+ no toilet?!? Okay imagine that. #girlproblems

There’s butterflies, bees, dragonflies, red ants, flies, hornets(im not sure I cant differentiate, but celia scared me by telling me an extra fact–that hornets would sting you even if you don’t provoke them) Thanks ah Celia for making me more paranoid by telling me true facts!! I really don’t like bugs–and anything that flies (except birds), turns me off. Celia hates the black butterflies because they swarmed at us once and WE RAN LIKE LITERALLY. At first we were trekking but after the butterflies swarmed at our faces we ran like crazy and screamed. That continued for some distance until we decided to take up our umbrellas like it was some smart idea. If anybody thinks we’re mad then our replies would be, “No, not for the sun or rain, but the bugs.” And some bugs even flew at Celia’s face (eww!) And she asked me, “what if you inhaled a bug” and I replied, “STOP it wouldn’t make me feel better!”

Because of the bugs, I kept hiding behind celia and whining and squirming and holding her arm firmly refusing to move. Celia was like saying “I feel so manly today” everytime we encounter a bug HAHA. Thank me for letting you feel manly. But after a while we’re tired and we don’t even care about the bugs anymore. There’s even one point where a bee flew past me and I’m just like…let it be man. #suchaaccomplishment

Yes monkeys. I have a fear of them because of my childhood. I went trekking at bukit timah and the monkeys attacked my mum’s friend! Because she was holding a plastic bag. And they snatched her plastic bag because somehow monkeys are clever and they know if there’s food inside, it gave way. They snatched it so violently! Then vans told me that the monkeys there attacked her before and I’m just staring at her, jaw opened wide.

So celia and I encountered a group of monkeys. about 10 of them!! And the road was so narrow there was no way to get past them without them noticing us. So I warned celia to keep all the plastic bags she’s holding, and we just quietly walk past them and they stared at us like o.0

After about 5 hours….
YES WE REACHED!!!! Celia was like “Yes nobody can call us weak anymore and if we make it out of here ALIVE NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO CALL US WEAKLINGS ANYMORE

Yes because the fact is…it’s really such an accomplishment for us reaching here :’)

Actually we might complain complain a lot during the way…but we also had time to bond a lot too because we actually felt bored walking aimlessly at the endless road. We kept each other company, talked to each other, played with our umbrellas, shielding each other from the supposedly “mad” man, shielding each other from the four legged snake (actually is Celia shielding me most of the time HAHA) but yeah we talked about many other stuff like school, work etc etc to kill time! And we emerged out of there like winners & champions yozzzz like what “adversities brings people together”

HAHA. And celia was saying that if she brought her friends here they’ll complain worse than me and there’ll be ENDLESS complain and not so much peace. (of course we didn’t have much peace as well BUT compared to us la) There were only both of us that day. She said, “My father actually want Edmund to do this kind of exercise eh” hahaha and luckily we didn’t bring him along because we begin to guess how would he react if we actually jio-ed him.

Honestly I was quite unsatisfied with the tree top walk because I thought there would be more to it. Well maybe I expected too much, because after all we climbed so much wowz and put in all that effort for like..only a lil bit of this? That’s all? I looked over at celia and I could also sense the disappointment in her eyes. And she said “heyy I thought like will have exhibition on each level at the tree top walk like museums” and I was judging her and giving her the “whut….” look HAHHA. Because I told her that we needed to climb a lot of steps, so be prepared.

 PANAROMA gone wrong haha
Vans, before that told me that after the tree top walk, trekkers can just continue out into the main road, out of macritchie through there, and there was no need to backtrack out. But guess what. Somehow we couldn’t find the right road and ended up winding to where we was before–the golf course. Basically what happened was we ended up there, and the golf course; for your information, was a longggggg way from the main entrance and we’re faced with no choice but to take that route out again. Walking that route once is already bad enough, but walking it again twice& repeat it again?! You’ve gotta kill us man. And because we took around 4 hours to come in, it would take another 4 hours to go out & the thought of it just…makes me wanna puke I have no idea why. (girls, please be well informed next time you go and don’t end up like us okay) Btw, its already evening at that time, 1) its getting dark real soon which means it’ll definitely be more dangerous 2) I really cannot imagine tolerating my hunger for another 4 more hours. I have honestly &seriously considered the thought of staying overnight lol. Too lazy to carry on.
 So…anybody can guess how we came out??
IT SHALL REMAIN A SECRET :3 come and ask me personally XD

Then we finally arrived at Holland V for dinner! We were just so happy to see food and drinks and even chairs PLASTIC CHAIRS OMG its already like a massage chair to me I can literally sit down and not move my ass. Its so comfortable and when we sat down for the menu and we were just like ahhhhh…(can imagine right)

 We went to Hatched. Its highly recommended! Even though their main dishes are a bit pricey but its really delicious and good! (or is it cuz we’re hungry so everything tastes good?) But anyway, Hatched serves egg-based main courses. They cook eggs in different manners: scrambled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, half boiled eggs etcetc. We ordered a scrumptious feast. Let me repeat. Scrumptious feast.

After that we obviously got broke but we still wanted to go for dessert right?? Hahaha. We gobbled up all these food in like 10 mins?? No talking at all. Just eating and eating and omg….gain back all the calories we lost just now hahhaha. Oh and btw the salmon in the picture is smoked salmon yeah

 The restaurant is decorated really nicely too :’)

Hahah this is Celia working on her drawings. Finally. She brought her sketchbook with her to trek but obviously given the circumstances….you know what’s the outcome lah the sketchbook just slept in her bag HAHAHA so unpredictable but now she finally relaxed and tried to draw the café instead of trying to draw a jungle mass of greenery in the presence of bugs just now


will be back

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