Gardens by the bay + Kcook buffet

Taken from my drafts, Friday, 12th September 2014
Dear Diary,
I went to gardens by the bay that day with Vans, John & their mum! It was sort of last minute, impromptu and unplanned. Honestly I don’t really fancy impromptu arrangements but the thought that my boring stay-home day ahead would be transformed into a fun-filled day among the flowers, so I went. Vans was like asking over the phone, “Grace! you free today?” The thought of seeing good company really hyped me up and got me so excited, I screamed in the phone YES and jumped around, my mum thought I was crazy. Vans then told me to hurry pack up and meet a few hours later. I had always wanted to go to Gardens by the bay for a long time!!
I met with Vans& family around after noon, the weather was so “good” to walk openly under the sun, especially walking that endless walkway/path leading to the domes. Before we entered the domes, I was already wishing please please hurry find the domes please. I’m so glad I chose to wear shorts because I actually almost wore jeans! Luckily I didn’t. I really cant imagine surviving under the heat of the scorching sun. Don’t get me wrong, while I was still feeling fricking uncomfortable and warm, I was still very happy inside. I’m just so thankful that they at least bothered to jio me and I was so excited for the wonderful day ahead, filled with positivity.

We saw these gigantic structures so beautifully made! And they would light up at night, making the view even more spectacular, Vans said. Its actually the mid-autumn festival season when I went, so lanterns were everywhere. These night lanterns would line up the pathway with light at night and its such a pity I came in the day & didn’t get the chance to see it light up. Vans& her family went at night that same week, so they saw it. Furthermore the gardens by the bay was so good at night, they decided to come back again within the same week to see a day version of it.

Then we went to look inside the gift shop. They sell shirts and drinks etc etc but all tourist price. Vans’ mum went to get tickets for us and I cant tell you how thankful I am for paying for my entrance fee & what not omg I didn’t even expect that!! So nice 🙂

Ok so here we go…..this is the path to inside. There’s two things Vans loved the most: nature and the seas. Vans loved nature a lot so she was like telling me the whole time, “I don’t mind going another time eh” HAHAH.

We got our tickets ready and went into flower dome first. We decided to go to flower dome before visiting cloud dome.

The 4 photos below are quite tumblrish, yes, no?


Then halfway we looked up and saw workers working up at the dome. Its so dangerous because they don’t have any harness on! And its realllly very tall, people that are fearful of heights wont be able to do it. Really admire them working in the midst of the scorching hot weather.

Then they saw us glancing at them and they waved at us!! So friendly & nice! And they posed for our photos hahahah


Ya then we saw bluebells! (the pic above) they’re so pretty right?? They’re my favourite type of flower after watching Kuroshitsuji (black butler). After I saw how pretty they were in the anime(or rather, Alois trancy’s mansion) I decided that I would like them as well. They are alois’ favourite flower too!


There’s this stalker who likes to take photos of us while we are posing. He’s so weird. And he didn’t even ask for permission. Have he had no shame!? Vans mum almost wanted to tell him to get lost. And he follows wherever we go till we’re so afraid of him. Who knows he might be a pedophile that photoshop out our faces for nude pictures in a porn site, I say. (its true okay!! Nowadays there are really people like that in the news)  And below is the picture we’ve been posing for and he snapped everything in the process. I’m so pissed at that man. Even though we looked really happy below but I actually felt self conscious whenever that man is around resulting in us unable to pose properly and naturally. Goodness 😦







After seeing the cacti I immediately thought of my mum and how she would love it if she were here. My mum loves gardening and she is the only person around me that has green fingers. She couldn’t possibly miss out all these. I will bring her here one day!



Crazy about licking the cactus:
As well as other plants…

This picture pretty sums up how people look at me in a nutshell
Like stop judging me pls.

 Actually from these pictures, it doesn’t look cold because of the bright sunlight. Just now, I’m thankful I wore shorts and not jeans. Now, I regretted wearing shorts! You guys have no idea how cold is it here, it’s actually very cold. The flowers need the temperature to survive. When we got to the coniferous segment, it’s even colder. All to support the trees’ lives.

Came in and was greeted by this gigantic fountain that looked like Nigeria falls! (in my opinion)

And it was so cold, the floor was wet, the water splashed everywhere. We could feel the water splashing on us even though we’re just a few meters away from the waterfall! It was a tremendous sight. We wanted to take a selfie with the waterfall as the background, we dared ourselves to go even nearer to the waterfall, we screamed as the winds were so strong and cold I literally felt my legs shivering but it was so fun!!

Lastly a three person group shot: Vans, John & I

Lion obsessed HAHA

After everything we were tired, but still excited to go for buffet! Especially me, who has never tried Korean buffet in my entire life. We went to Kcook buffet at Orchard gateway (orchard central) and I learned that it’s just newly opened about a month ago! Vans’ mum knew the boss of the restaurant. And the waitresses are really friendly, they’re all Koreans. We learned from them that the pay working there is awesome.
We made reservations at a table inside because sitting outside is really super hot because of the cooking and all. We are only given this frying pan with heater at the bottom and it works something like the hotpot we’ve tried in CNY. So we’ll just go to the buffet table and grab whatever ingredients we wanted (all uncooked food btw) and then cook it ourselves. And it was so crowded, we were so glad we came early! An hour later, there was a long queue outside. So thankful we’re not in the shoes of those people//I would cry man. And because of the crowd, it made the place even hotter. Sitting inside is already so hot, what about outside!? How do those people survive o.0 and the air-con is not strong at all.

We arrived first, then soon after her uncle and her cousin came. Alright~~now I’ll review the food~~the food was not bad in general but I think Vans and I took too much and didn’t end up finishing it…I loved the sotong the best! And Vans liked the mushrooms but honestly the dinner was best because of the Korean wine. It has 14% alcohol content, not too bad and we drank a few cups in the end! Vans’ uncle was joking about how I might get drunk and he kept asking me every few minutes if I still wanted more wine LOL. He’s damn funny and entertaining. He kept the whole table alive and everybody was talking and laughing joyfully like a real family dinner should. (btw I’m the only non-related person there) Vans was like saying “now you know where you get my lameness from” every single time her uncle says something lame.
will be back

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