Hi guys! It was deepavali that day and I decided to make the holiday a family day and I’m just sooooo happy to even get a one-day holiday in the middle of the week. And guess what? It’s only the first school term week! Seriously….I want my two month holiday back. My family decided to go to istana because we’ve been wanting to go there for about…10 years…(hahaha–*awkward giggles*) and the plans always fail. The failed attempts was often associated with bad weather, long queues, went but it’s not open in the end–which is very stupid thing by the way–and we never got the chance to step in once.

We went and there was a veryyyyy long queue. We queued anyway but surprisingly it wasn’t a long wait! We went in. Then it started raining, then pouring omg. There were 3 of us but we only had one umbrella so my dad got all wet. Sorry daddy 😥 And then my mum lectured me for not bringing along another umbrella or a cap to shelter my own head HAHAHHAA.


I was glad to tour the Istana house!! We had to pay $2 which goes to the community chest, to get in. Quite worth it I guess. It is so grand inside like the Queen’s palace!! Well not like I’ve been to Buckingham palace but yes, it looked a bit like the white house and then again I’m gonna say its not like I’ve been to the white house. Sadly photography is not allowed in there so I cant show you pretty pictures, you have to go and see for yourself. A few people got caught by the police and security for snapping pictures. It is pretty strict around there. I don’t get it because even Ellen DeGeneres is allowed to film her show in America’s white house. Can you believe it.



Meanwhile, the botany there is superb. We have to walk kind of a long route from the gate to the Istana house but my mum said the scenery there looked like botanical gardens. We saw ponies(real!), swans and more species of plants I’ve never seen before! There’s this big tree who stood in the middle of it and it has yellow leaves which is absolutely stunning.

It looks like autumn, right?
 Haahaha my mum’s cheeky hand–she forced me to take this picture because she thinks the leaves are like her palm.
here are the ponies!! Real but we couldn’t ride them…just for display only. I think we can touch but its raining so I didn’t.
I think that small boy toddler there is so cute.

Then we saw the swans!! Looks like swan lake

There are also performances by a school band there that performed at a tent area. They performed songs that we sing during national day (#singaporepride) but then after that, my dad said they performed frozen’s let it go too! (I wasn’t there) but my dad was there at the tent area (sheltered) while mum and I was touring the Istana house.

There’s also various raise-awareness exhibitions going on, such as one that discourages buying of the Rhino horns because its an endangered species. And then the public can pledge not to use rhino horns by cutting their nails. Cuz nails are a symbol of like the horns or something (ugh I forgot what the woman said exactly but that’s not the main point k) So the woman held up a big bottle that made me almost puke–guess what’s inside?


Then my parents did it too hahaha so cute they all :’) I didn’t do it cuz my nails were…too short at that time.

There’s also stalls selling umbrellas and ponchos cuz of the heavy rain. #goodbusiness But apparently we refused to buy.

Then around late afternoon we went to my Aunt’s house to celebrate Grandma’s birthday–she’s 97 already! Good to see relatives after such a long time. The whole house was crowded, many relatives, that is.

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