Food feast

That day speedovans and I went out after church to the new orchard gateway library!! My mum read about it in the newspaper and so off we went. We were one of the few people who went there first before our friends, considering now this library is sort of “trending” and even some of my friends who don’t like books want to go there. Its like the most stylish library, and because we went there when its just opened, there were so many people.
So…i’ll talk about the books in the library. Mostly I don’t enjoy the fictional books because I cant find anything nice 😦 But on the 2nd level, they actually have design books weeeeeee!! Its like this design haven for me finally. In future I can come to borrow reference books for my projects (so handworking tbh 😉
Just speedovans being herself
 This girl took an unglam selfie of me while I was on the train and she refused to delete it. And so I had to snatch it from her and all the passengers were looking at us (me actually) :’)
Oh and they had this slid-able ladder that you can climb and take books! the shelves are really highhhh

yup, all the design related stuff for the design people

Ok then we went to feast with my family at Newton circus!!! Its really good yummmmmm
THE CHILLI CRAB!!! Ok my first time trying and yeah I didn’t know how to get the meat out of the crab (damn fail yes)

Overall it was so delicious this food adventure!!!

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