Poeple I’m thankful for (doing this again because people deserve it)

Doing this again because there’s so many awesome people God placed in my life!!

Yesterday, was the last day of school. I celebrated three birthdays yesterday. We celebrated my classmates, Karleng and Harish’s birthday, then I went on to meet Sumin and celebrate her birthday with her at an Irish pub :)) It was one of the greatest days I’ve ever had in such a long, long time. I couldn’t remember the last time I’ve been this truly happy.

Ok for some reflection, this term….

This term has been a lot busier but I thought what sums up the crux of my whole term was actually the last two weeks of school. Last week, has been an eventful week of it all and there were a lot of lessons learnt (personally), on top of getting busy with school work and learning how to cope with stuff at the same time too. People have been there–people who loved me, people who have seen me crying in school and people who have just simply made my days better :’) I didn’t know my class could be so awesome and nice….but most importantly, I found myself laughing, crying, having fun all over again.

When I thought I couldn’t pull through, y’know…I actually ended the last week of my school beautifully.


Jengwen…you were here all along for me, talking to me firmly and telling me what I needed to hear, scolding me for my own good (shit you sound like a mum). You’re always doing things for me (and now I feel so bad) yeah and when I wasn’t in school, you told me to rest well etc. You listen to my complains and nonsense and all my pain in long phone calls, thank you so much!! Zaf, you’ve been such a nice friend and I remembered that day when both you and Jengwen went to buy takeaway manna food for me…even though I had no appetite at all and forced me to eat for my own good :’)

Thanks guys, especially Dahlia for your no-nonsense love advice :))) And Hazirah, for listening to me and both of you are the BEST teammates anyone could ever get!!! Thanks….for doing the best for all our projects and always encouraging me and making me days A LOT funnier and better. You definitely cheered me up and I…couldn’t ask for more :))

3. MY CLASS 02
You guys are a fun bunch!! I never thought I could bond so closely with my class at first but hey, everything’s starting to get better! You guys make me feel like family, made my dull days in the studio better, and some of you were even so kind to buy art materials for me (you know who you are). I’ll never trade my class for anything else 🙂

OMG YOU. Iris, if you’re reading this, thank you for everything…..thank you…thankyou….you’re really a blessing in my life. I think I really owe you, always running to you if I have problems and you’re always so kind and NOT calculative at all. I’ve cried in front of you so many times, I don’t even know how to return this favour anymore. Thanks for sitting with me on the steps even and telling me I’m brave till I feel alright. I know you have your sad days too. But remember you can always count on me when you’re sad and call my 24/7 hotline okay!! That’s what friends are for and yeah see, I’m so nice right ::)) But not as nice as you.

You’re the best and the very special. I know you’re so busy with your submissions, yet you’ve always listened to me patiently and sometimes I feel so bad to bother you and I’m afraid that you’ll be annoyed but turns out you could even be there for me at the most critical moment of that week. And…after everything, we even went to eat comfort food and etc and ILL NEVER FORGET YOUR SACRIFICES THAT YOU DID FOR ME HAHAH (you and I know what it is, shall be a secret forever HAHAHAH)

Thanks Vans, you’re my lifelong BFF. Even though we didn’t stay in contact for so long, we still could talk as if there’s no tomorrow. Thanks for the phone call that night, I really appreciate it :’) I miss you, so glad we could hang out during Christmas!

Oh gosh….especially Charlene and Ariela that day, thanks for asking me what happened if not I would have bottled it up till the cows come home. Though I skipped church for 2 weeks (and felt really bad about it) you guys still helped me up to the house of the Lord and reminds me of God’s love that shines through all of us!!

Happy birthday girl! Thanks for going out with me last day…oh gosh did I get drunk? It was so crazy, singing Taylor swift songs and all. You lucky lil girl that have the same birthday as Taylor swift, treasure it!!! You cheered me up with your craziness. Thanks an awful lot.

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