Contact Lenses review!

**If you’re looking for the 2014/2015 new year post, scroll a bit further down!**

Many people have asked me about my contact lenses and about the brand of lenses that I wear, so I thought I’ll just consolidate everything and do a review. Just a mini introduction though, I started wearing lenses when I was 16. I remembered I ordered them just for prom. You can read Xiaxue’s review for contact lenses here too, because she probably known (and worn) more brands of lenses than me before. Hope that helps 🙂

Grace’s guide to contact lenses

I’m going to try Spectacle Hut’s lenses next but I heard from my friends that Geo lens/ iFairy lens are not bad as well. However, I’m really against ordering lenses online cuz its better to be safe than sorry I guess? I usually approach optical shops.

If you’re going for comfort rather than beautifying yourself, I would really recommend Acuvue because its really great! Because the lens are moist, your eyes wouldn’t feel dry at all. Gosh…I can wear acuvue lenses without even bringing my eyedrops out. I would also advice Acuvue dailies for beginners if you’re just starting to wear contacts. Wearing Acuvue may let you get used to wearing contacts before exploring other brands, because Acuvue is 100% trustworthy.

My favourite colours from FreshKon are perky brown and for Freshlook, it would be Brilliant blue and Honey though. I bought the Freshlook Hazel Dailies but I haven’t got the chance to use it yet. I’ve tried colours like blue, brown and black and honestly if you ask me I’m not going to try other colours like green or grey. I’m just gonna stick with brown, but I’ve always wanted to try FreshKon’s black that enlarges the pupils/iris!

Sadly, FreshKon don’t offer daily lenses. Freshlook offers daily lenses but only in limited colours. Acuvue have both monthly and daily lenses if I’m not wrong. 

One reason why I avoid FreshKon lenses nowadays (and I’m going to avoid it forever) is because it causes me extreme discomfort. Idk why but the lenses feel too big for me, and the most infuriating part is when lenses that are less than 10 days old breaks. Like, it just tears from top to bottom. Or if not, it would be slightly chipped off and it hurts when I wear it. (broken contact lenses are dangerous because it may scratch your cornea) And so I have to throw the monthly lenses away even though I’ve only wore them for like 5 days??? Waste my money.

PS/ it broke not due to carelessness, I’ve handled them really carefully like how I’ve always handled Acuvue lenses, but I just found FreshKon lens to be extremely fragile and flimsy.

Hope this helps!!

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