The Last Post Of The Year

Reviewing 2014
Today is the last day of the year! Ever wonder what my new year resolutions for 2014 are? Well, I know people often say, “my new year resolutions for 2015 will be the same as 2014 because I haven’t done any of them,” its true that sometimes all the time we don’t really progress even though we want to, but…I’m really really mortified/horrified/*inserts all the shock words in the world* that…I’ve actually accomplished most of my resolutions? Can you believe it? (clap for me pls)
Let’s take a look below:
1. Have confidence in myself, think positively and believe in miracles.
I’m really thankful to God for putting me through circumstances that forces me to become more mature and helped me grow so much. The tough times also let me grow in terms of becoming more confident (esp when talking to strangers) and also people in general. That day Evan told me that I have the ability to connect with people easily and I’m like “really???” I was surprise but also very thrilled at the same time! As for thinking positively, Nick Vujicic’s autobiographies really helped me a lot! (and his books are nice too) I’ve really learnt that if you can’t get a miracle, then become one 🙂
2. Be polite, patient and obey parents.
Fact? I’m a rebel. And I honestly think I’m still working on it but my parents and I have a lot LESS FIGHTS this year and I’m super grateful for that. You never know how tiring it is to argue with mum…haha, anyway I think my family’s really a lot calmer this year(?) which is a really good thing. I hope fights are a phase we all outgrow!
3. Grab any opportunity that comes my way.
This is hard, because we are lazy and humans are generally lazy creatures. Sometimes your heart wants the opportunity but your body just refuses to move from the couch! And most opportunities have their risks, anyway. So people fear change. But anyway I’ve been a lot more active this year and accepted a lot of opportunities which in turn created a lot of valuable experiences for me! One example is the Red tour. I only got the tickets like 2 weeks before the concert and it was such a close miss! But I’m the lucky one…I actually didn’t expect myself going at all and I wasn’t even planning to go in the first place HAHA but I just rushed everything in the end
4. To strengthen my faith and walk with God; and be committed in church.
(quite religious!! skip if you’re not comfortable)
Wow, this was the area I’ve made the biggest improvement. I grew in terms of bible knowledge, I had the courage to reach out to more friends and share the gospel; I’ve learnt to depend on God fully and see Him as the solution to ALL my problems(and not only a segment of them), and I’ve encountered Him during this camp and thus He felt more real to me. I received the gift of tongues and God really in stored a lot of surprises for me to discover Him this year. I’ve heard breath-taking testimonies of people, talking about how God have worked in their lives, I’ve seen God’s miracles first hand(for the first time in my life), and they were truly mind blowing. God is good, all the time.
5. Find out who am I and be that person.
I seriously think this is a process, not a goal. It’s a journey of discovery, not a destination. Thus I could say I’m not there yet, and this resolution would never be accomplished. We may get lost. We may get confused. We may think that we have like 7 split personalities at the same time. It’s okay, life’s a tough crowd. We’re 17, not 70. We’re still growing up now. And yes, I’ve learnt that from Taylor Swift’s songs. (Opps sorry if you hate Taylor swift)
6. Ignore what I cannot change and improve on what I can change.
This pretty much explains itself.
7. Think compassionate thoughts about myself for 5 minutes in front of a mirror.
This was a advice I got from Lady Gaga. When she wrote “born this way”, she was actually helping to deal with people’s insecurities and I thought it was pretty cool stuff. She said it helped her. I never got a chance to do it (or rather I got the chance but didn’t do it) but I guess…the intention was to appreciate yourself more and I arrived at the goal through other means. But if putting up this resolution here on my blog helps reach more people, I’ll do it. And if you think you could use it, try it!
8. Accept myself, love myself.
(same thing, if you’re uncomfortable about Christianity don’t read)
This is a lesson I struggled many years to learn. But by God’s love, patience and forgiveness, I’ve really realized a lot of things in life are uncertain, and that’s where we could rely on His plan and perfect timing. Those depths of hell, power of darkness and sin lost its grip on me when God revealed His power to tumble strongholds in my life. These attributes of God I’ve experienced in 2014 truly made me less conscious of my body image*(and no I’m not anorexic). My worst fears, apart from pigeons, is struggling with self worth*. By God’s healing power and miracles, I’ve known how to be proud of myself.
*will talk more about it next time
9. Never trouble “trouble” unless trouble troubles you. (note to self: happiness=simplicity)
In my personal opinion, I actually thought this year was pretty rough(for me) particularly because 2014 had been a year of heartbreaks. My best friend broke my heart, other people(that I shall not mention) did too…and yeah so my friends tell me “So 2015 will be a better year” like they’re the fortune teller LOL. But I guess I’ve really tried my best in avoiding unnecessary drama. Like, when people pick a fight, you don’t fight back. You walk away and ignore them, even though you might be called a coward for that but trust me, that’s the most mature way.
10. Be kind to one another. Love people that are unlovable.
This was an advice I got from Ellen.(nope, not Ellen my friend, it’s Ellen DeGeneres) I got it from both her show and her books. Of course you’ve noticed it, it’s her tagline! She always says this at the end of every show. Believe it or not, I actually learnt a lot from celebrities this year! They influence your life in someway or another, I guess. SO. GUYS. Choose the celebs you adore wisely.
It means be nice, friendly and respectful even if you don’t want to/may not like certain people. I hate it when people say, “How you treat me determines how I treat you.” Why? Why must people be so revengeful and so mean? Why must you let mean people in your life determine the way you live? Why must you be affected by them in the first place? Why let them drown the love out of you? Love nasty people. Love the bastard that ditched you. Love the bitches that gossip about you and curse you. That’s the way to spread love, not hate.
11. Love babies and children cuz they’re God’s gifts and creations! 
When I was young, I really disliked babies. Small children are okay but babies are NO even though they’re CUTE YES but I find them ANNOYING when they touch my stuff.(and destroy them!) Babies are really noisy when they cry but you couldn’t possibly ask them to shut up because they don’t understand a single thing. And if you ask them to shut up, they’ll cry harder.(oh no…) Babies are dirty creatures that drools and pee everywhere and you’ll have to clean up their poop. BUT. YOU’LL SEE. All these are a phase of life and I don’t know how I did that….”that” refers to finding the beauty in noisy babies…but yeah….I did it.
“You tell me what your DREAMS are.
What are you AFTER?
It’s NOT impossible.
Don’t be afraid.
STAND out.
NAME it.”
And let’s look at how many of them have I accomplished:
*the cancelled ones are achieved*
1. Have confidence in myself, think positively and believe in miracles.
2. Be polite, patient and obey parents.
3. Grab any opportunity that comes my way.
4. To strengthen my faith and walk with God; and be committed in church.
5. Find out who am I and be that person.
6. Ignore what I cannot change and improve on what I can change.
7. Think compassionate thoughts about myself for 5 minutes in front of a mirror.
8. Accept myself, love myself and feel proud.
9. Never trouble “trouble” unless trouble troubles you. (note to self: happiness=simplicity)
10. Be kind to one another. Love people that are unlovable.
11. Love babies and children cuz they’re God’s gifts and creations! 
 I really noticed my resolutions for 2014 are pretty much “life goals”, or rather “a way to live”. They’re not concrete goals like, “visit new York city” or like “pick up more design skills” or…”meet Taylor swift”..ugh, you get what I mean. And because they’re the “accept yourself love yourself” kinda goals, they don’t happen overnight. It’s not a one time thing. I cant achieve them the same way as how I achieve “visiting new York city”. I can get to NYC in a day, but how do I get from hating myself to loving myself in a day? It’s a process. And I’m super happy, that I’ve made so damn much progress in areas which I struggled.
Goals aside, let’s look back and capture those fleeting moments of happiness in 2014!
1) American party!

2) Florence’s 21st!

3) Gardens By the Bay!

4) Red tour!

5) Wild wild wet!

6) River safari!!

7) The cookout!! (BBQ competition)
8) Ice skating for the first time!
9) Haw Par Villa with Celia!

10) Karaoke session!

11) MacRitchie tree top walk!

At the top!

12) Haji lane!!

Alright…that’s not all though! I probably attended like 100 over events in 2014 that are significant but if I were to put them all down, the space on this blog wouldn’t be enough. 2014 was the year I improve most in my 17 years here on Earth! I don’t know why, but I feel 2014 has been one of the MOST PRODUCTIVE year for me and I really grew. By grew, I mean emotionally and in terms of knowledge etc. (physically I think im still the same haha) But its scary you know, how 2014 passed so fast. “Yeah I know, everybody says the same thing at the end of every single year” but I CANNOT EMPHASIZE how fast this year is. Sure, the pass years were fast but not fast enough, and 2014 is like the FASTEST of the FAST. And even this is an understatement. 2014 was the fastest year I’ve experienced in my 17 years on Earth.


1) Mum accepted Christ
I only can say, “Hallelujah!”

2) Dad stepped into church again after 20 years
 I only can say, “Hallelujah!”

3) Started 1st year of poly life
At first I really dreaded poly and I almost felt like transferring multiple times(considering SP was my FIFTH choice–yeah, sucks). And I’ve never seen myself as a poly kid really, I expected myself to end up in a JC or something, considering all my first few choices were JC! I think it’s really God’s plan made perfect, that landed me here, and poly was better than I thought. Design school taught me soooo many skills about design that I never knew even though I took O level Art at some point; but overall in 2014, I think I’ve learnt more things about life and society than I did with skills and academics wise. Which is a even better thing because life skills are more important!

4) Lost and found friends!
Believe it or not, destiny is truly amazing in 2014! I’ve found and regained back so many of my lost friendships this year! Let’s admit it…we all hate drifting apart. Friends that I’ve lost contact with for as long as 5 years, 3 years…all made contact with me this year and I’m proud to say we’re as close as before again! Wenxin(aka cat woman) was my primary school mate till I found her again! And Yeeyen, who was my senior, became super close to me this year and I’m so glad we still could rely on each other and count on each other when we have problems. Guess what? Not only that, I HELPED people regain back lost friendships too! Just recently, Celia reunited with her primary school classmate Zaf, who’s also my classmate now! Thanks to me yayyyy (claiming credit)

5) My music taste
2014, the year I entered English pop. 2014, the year I left J-pop and J-animation and manga and all that shitz. (opps, didn’t mean to call it shit though) I reallyyyy sorryyy for ditching you J-pop. I really totally lost interest in Japanese culture, and you know what? I hate it when I tell otakus that, and they reply, “Oh how sad.” I mean everyone has their own taste and you have no right to judge that its a pity for me. I count leaving the fandom and quitting cosplay as a blessing though, because it has led me to a better place! The fact that I love Taylor swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Ed sheeran, Angelina Jolie and Hollywood movies and actors brings much more joy to my life and how could you call that sad. I still like anime in general, just not to the point where I’m obsessed with it anymore.

6) Fashion Sense
And because music taste affects the people you idolize, and the people you idolize affects how you talk, what you wear to some extent I guess? My fashion sense did change after I entered poly, like how everyone predicted it would. It became more mature I guess? More basic, more classic etc. I started trying out crops this year(because inspired by Taylor) but then again my friends and I used to joke how Winx club(remember them?) wears crops and they were the REAL ACTUAL ones that started the trend. I used to like Winx club and my friend was like, “they started wearing it even before the trend started!” Before that I was wearing Japanese street fashion, to the point where I actually tried Decora (embarrassing phase of my life) and yeah I was very into lace. I still wear lace now, but I love scarfs and plaits a lot. Leggings and hoodies and sweatpants are life. My dressing style DID become more westernized (I hope?) and I absolutely love how the English dress.(sadly trench coats are nice but not practical in Singapore) but I think you get the whole point of this paragraph, my dressing style changed.

7) Kick started Café hopping habit
2014 was the year that this café hopping trend came blowing in Singapore. Dunno where it came from though but everyone from my social circle began hopping so I joined in as well. Simple as that. So far, I have visited 21 cafes in total, still has 31 on my list to go jiayou!!! Don’t ask me where my money come from.

8) Cut my hair
In April 2014, I snipped 30cm of my hair right up to my face length. (in two separate cuts if you ask me) For 8 years I didn’t have short hair. Hair is a big part of my life is you ask me so this is worth jotting down.

9) Lots of (good) breakthroughs
Out of all the 10 facts, I’m the most thankful for this. Glory to God. I was set free from a lot of bondages from the past that’s pulling me down. So glad that I could break free from curses and sins that reigned in my life. When I said breakthroughs, I mean spiritually and emotionally pulled from the whirlpool of darkness. That’s why I’ll always remember 2014. I was willing to let go of a lot of mindless superstitions and negative emotions, rebuking it and not letting myself be influenced by it. Eternally blessed.

10) Lifestyle and personality change
For the better, of course. I think it’s somewhat true that when you enter another school, your lifestyle will change. Lesson timings change. The way you get ready in the morning change. The time you wake up change and the time you return change.
But the most relieving thing is, I don’t find myself stuck in a routine anymore yay! Who wants to be stuck in a routine? I remembered in 2013 when I was sec4, the dull mundane routine was just WAKEUP-SCHOOL-EAT-BATHE-HOMEWORK-SLEEP-REPEAT. And by homework I mean mugging.

But right now, it feels different. I don’t know how to put it across to you but everyday feels different from the other. I’m slowly able to distinguish what makes today different from yesterday. It’s like I’m living everyday differently, you know? And its a shiok feeling.


1) Really think about the needs of others before mine
2) Let go of people that don’t matter in my life anymore
3) Guarding my heart
4) Hope to see more friends receive salvation
5) Do devotions DAILY
6) Read the whole bible in one year (and honestly I have no idea how am I gonna do that)
7) Need to overcome the known and unknown sins in my life

That’s it, very little, but sweet. I think there’s no point in having this whole chunk of resolutions when you know its impossible. Baby steps, yo!

Have a blast everyone in 2015!

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