Family Joy

Hi guys I’m back on my routine blogging as usual!

Anyway this week has been a rough week for me lately because I was feeling so overwhelmed with projects and submissions, I hardly had any time for relaxation or even sleep. It got so bad that the horror of sleepless nights came back again and I had to work with my editing and stuff over the nights, and rush to print the next morning. It was really demoralising as I felt maybe sometimes my work weren’t up to standard, or I was just depressed since I was so stressed.

After talking with Florence, I realised all along I was relying on my own abilities and strength to desperately sustain myself; instead of depending on God’s, so its hard not to get tired. What God can manage is far beyond our human capabilities. So we have to really surrender to Him everything next time and He will recharge us πŸ™‚ Thanks for the reminder Flo, you’re the best ❀

But I was so so glad God decided to put all challenges to an end beautifully!

Today was a very very very good day with these lovely people awww πŸ™‚

Just realised Elisha and I look alike here?? Haha Yes or no?

We had CNY visitation! Sad that Vans couldn’t make it tho, as well as xinying, wenxin and a number of people. But its okay because finally some quality time with my awesome churchies ever!! Thanks for being such a warm family and for being so understanding regarding my commitments and all, during my submissions period πŸ™‚ Let’s do well for the planning of the March event I’m sure we can do it!


Idk why but I found that I love these kind of blur selfies more than proper nice selfies, because blur shows the excitement and momentum in everyone’s happy spirit 😑 Thankful and eternally blessed πŸ™‚

By the way, I miss the holidays already. Time to start the momentum and kick start my vacation, leggo!

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