Turning Legal (part 1)

Yesterday I turned eighteen. So throwback to the blessed birthday with the best people. 
Started off the day with a birthday selfie and not knowing what’s planned ahead for me, yet knowing that it’ll be a good day 🙂
First off I met the Bodohkaka clique for ice skating. Aleka and a few others couldn’t make it due to work and I was quite upset but didn’t let it get to me. After about a good 30 mins into skating, they actually collaborated with the in-charge to surprise me with a birthday cake at the ice skating rink. The cake was from Swissbake and Aleka suddenly appeared holding it; I was both shocked and happy at the same time that it was all part of a plan! I was so so so touched because I was telling Manfred the night before that I had never been given a proper birthday surprise in my life. And he was actually laughing to himself. 
It’s really amazing to me how friendships can forge so fast and I can’t really believe I’ve only known this bunch of jokers for 2.5 weeks. Yet, I’ve felt so comfortable with them and I’ve never really thought that I’ll spend my most memorable legal birthday with them. Thanks for stepping into my life.
The skating experience was really funny though. Only Manfred and I had some skating experience but in the end we found the shoes uncomfortable and all of us were not really used to the ice. Most of the guys were first timers, they kept getting their butt wet after falling countless times. Oops, shall not get into it. 
I really thank God for each one of you. Believe it’s not by chance that Team Dirt met and had so much fun together. Thanks for the cake. So mushy but thanks for the love. Really hope to stay in contact and keep in touch with all of you even after LeX. Friendships should last forever and I hate to drift apart. Just to say I will miss y’all very very much if that happens.
Then we went to eat the $1.60 per plate sushi. Manfred ate like a legit king. He stacked 10-11 plates and I think either Evander or Melvin was competing with him across the table it was so hilarious. Oh gosh I love the tofu, salmon but was quite sad they didn’t have salmon roe. 
After that I had to make my way to Suntec to meet my unicorns Zaf and Jengwen because they wanted to celebrate for me in the afternoon. Apparently Melvin went, “can we just follow?” and in the end the bodohkaka clique followed me all the way to meet my friends. It was funny pranking Jengwen at first but at the same time it was heartwarming to see all of them staying at Long John’s till I finished karaoke-ing. 
It was a great singing session of 3 hours, we sang lots of Taylor swift songs; danced and they even provided tambourine gosh. Its the first time I see a karaoke room that has musical instruments for accompaniment. “Later when Zaf come she’ll high with you okay,” Jengwen told me. I was so elated when I saw Zaf. It was great that they treated me, but what’s better is that it’s impromptu and I never knew about this before. Friends that have plans are winning at life.
In the night, I had a quick dinner at Long John’s with the bodohkakas and then met up with my bible study girls–Evan, Florence and Charlene.
We managed to have some heart to heart talk and this amazing time spent with them in God’s word never ceases. It never fails to blow my mind. And just as I came out of Yoshinoya they sang me the last birthday song of the day and gave me a mini cake. What a great way to end the day…It was such a good day. I missed them so much ever since I came back from Thailand.
I never wanted my birthdays to be big. When I was much younger, mum and dad would order cakes to my kindergarten and everyone would get goodie bags and the teachers would let me be Princess Grace of the day. The whole class would sing Happy Birthday and I remembered my cake with Hi-5 on it because I was obsessed over Hi-5. Yet when we get older Facebook birthday wish count was all that matters. Wishes on whatsapp here and there, spend the rest of the day at home and then go out for dinner with family at night. That was pretty much it for me. No surprises on doorsteps, no birthday bashes, but I was pretty young so we’re cool with it anyway. This few years everything changed. Truth is I’m eighteen but I behave like eight. Kinda wanna be eighteen kinda wanna be eight. Kinda wanna grow up kinda wanna play on roundabouts all day long….Ha, ha.
All in all I think my parents are the coolest people in the world. Thank you mum and dad for having me.

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