Today wasn’t a really good day I would say.

On days like this it’s either I woke up on the wrong side of bed or feel very pressured. Today it was both. I had terrible pains that won’t go away all day long. The stomachache was so so bad that I had to lie flat and I really wanted to curl into a ball and sleep. Mum kept talking to me but I was so not in the mood. Truth is I really don’t want to worry her.

On top of that we’re so overwhelmed with work to complete, my animation which is taking forever as well as the reflection journals and work to be done from my Thailand trip. I really don’t want to lose momentum in working but on days like this it’s really tough to stay focused.

Then I think about my birthday. Then I think about my birthday eve. The delicious supper and well spent day with Manfred’s bible study group and immediately felt much better, knowing there’s better days ahead.

Yummy ice cream waffles!

Cheers to better days like this ahead 😡

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.