Turning Legal (Part 2)

Here’s part 2 of my birthday celebration. Went out with my godparents for dinner and Godfather was suggesting western food so why not? He came to pick me up and I didn’t know where we were going at first; but to my surprise he brought me to the coolest, prettiest and classiest restaurant ever! 🙂

Yes it’s Mariner’s corner!! It has a very vintage feel with lots of posters and signs featuring Hollywood stars from the 90s. Gosh I really love the ambience and atmosphere. Especially when there’s oldies playing in the background and I just can’t-

Elvis presley!! They had posters of him stuck everywhere. It seems that godfather knows my taste really well and I’m just so glad so blessed
And there was this really cool sign “before 6 beers” where you can flip it to show “after 6 beers”; it instantaneously turns into a different person that looks like a princess. 


 The salad and appetiser I got! The country style mushroom soup is really great. It’s really a sin not to like mushroom soup I will judge you haha

Now for the main dish!! I ordered beef, medium well and it’s really great except that I hadn’t had steak for a long time so I need time getting used to it…

During the dinner we discussed lots of things about life and caught up on each other’s lives. I love my godparents they’re always so caring and nice and spoiling me like I’m a little princess and they’re really the best godparents in the world. Although we’re not blood related but they’re so kind to treat me as their own daughter for 18years. Too Thankful Beyond Description 

Lastly this was the dessert! Its good because IT HAS NO CREAM. I hate cake cream honestly. Its so fattening and unhealthy and it has no taste…but this chocolate cake has lava inside which is the best thing ever!! And better still it’s not creamy

All in all, blessed birthday with blessed company :’)

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