OSIP presentation!!!

Yesterday marks the end of our OSIP module and our presentation!! Great job TEAM DIRT. No more homework for the next few days and one module down. Yesssss. Although it was burdensome, but the times spent together, the 14 days in Thailand was definitely a blast.  I’ll remember all the wonderful memories. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Much love xx.

After the end of the presentation Christine and the other lecturers found out that Manfred and I have started dating and Christine went from disbelief “Wait…really???” to “Awww, so sweet!”. I guess the other groups already knew since both of us got exposed by the rest of our members given our annoying PDA. Gosh I love my group they’re the most wonderful bunch of people you can ever work with and everybody there is just so nice; at first I was worried if I was going to click with any of them since we’re all from different courses, but it turned out better than ever!

  It really turned out better than ever
  Gaying session and Manfred’s “awesome carebear service” as they like to call it. Heard there’s even a 3 in 1 package or something like that. 
  Oi why you take my shoe

I was never so swag in my life before

  Alright we went crazy…right outside the admin block.

Then I had to go back to class because I had Design thinking as diploma plus from now on. Did I mention that I escaped from Diploma plus class while on dinner break just so that I can take these photos with them? It’s pretty depressing thinking about it, having to stay back late in school every week but when I think about it, design thinking isn’t a bad module after all. In fact I think it would evoke a lot of beautiful memories from Thailand when I do this diploma plus this year! Nice things I want to remember… 🙂

By the way, it’s the start of the new school term. Oh no I find year 2 tough already, how’s the first few days of school going for you guys? Finally got some time to catch up with a mini chat with Iris though, gosh I miss hanging out with her so much. And Jo. And Sinming. And I miss CF. So much feels and misses for everyone.

I hope everyone had a very very fulfilling first week of school 😡
remember tough times don’t last, and tough people do.

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