Lady M

The trip at Lady M weeks ago was so good I have to blog about it!

It was just a usual chill-chill afternoon I spent in Orchard Road with Waiyin. Oh gosh Waiyin haven’t seen her in such a longgggg time haha. We had a great time catching up and I really appreciate such a good friend like her. You have no idea. Till more times, mate!

It’s a normal afternoon really, nothing fancy or special; but in fact funnily enough, it’s these afternoons I love the most where all of us are just able to let our hair down and hang out with my girlfriends. Plus forever going town area haha.

We chose Lady M after I passed by it with my cousin Isabel the other time, and was so fascinated with the interior and the layout of the two-storey café, I told Isabel “I must try it next time” haha. About 80% of the reason why I visit a certain cafe is because of the ambience and atmosphere, not the food…sounds legit?

Both of us were expecting Lady M to be a little pricey but no, the price range is really reasonable considering Lady M as a high-end restaurant/dining area! The ambience is pretty great, except that you must be prepared for longgggggggggg queues if you’re visiting during the lunch/dinner hours. (you can tell how 
long it is based on the number of Gs I inserted)

Waiyin and I were just lucky that day, we simply avoided the long queue by going early. (wasn’t planned though) and I really am touched that the staff were all very nice. Even though we didn’t have to queue, we were greeted by crowds when we went in, as well as fully filled tables. (despite the place being very big, i think they should have a even bigger place haha) The ambience is overall very stunning, but I would say it could have been better if it there was less people. Simply put, I felt the crowds killed the ambience. 😦

Next up, food! Alright it’s really good too. The dishes didn’t disappoint us. We ordered poached eggs with turkey ham and sausage. The dishes also comes with bread, mushroom, tomatoes and baked beans. I loveeeee baked beans omg. 

Everything was up to standard except that the calories that we took was a lot hahahaa. Waiyin kept saying that it’s a very high calorie meal which is TRUE because of the amount of cheese and butter lol. And we avoided smoked salmon because of that tbh. We traded it for turkey ham. 

Not forgetting our cake, the green tea crepe. It looks so small in the picture but let me assure you that the picture DOES NOT DO THAT CAKE JUSTICE. Do not underestimate that lil cake oh gosh. Not only is it pricey, it’s heavenly! In fact, it’s my favourite part of the whole meal at Lady M’s so far. So, the green tea crepe is a must-have when you visit Lady M. Please, if you don’t like anything else at Lady M’s, you. must. like. the. green. tea. crepe. I cannot emphasise my point enough!!

Here’s the overall ratings for Lady M:
Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 5/10
Ambience: 6/10

Have a good day everyone!

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