Hi guys! Today I’m going to blog a little bit about my shopping adventures during the holidays. (yes, lots of overdue posts about the holidays) This is about a day I went shopping with Zaf. Yes, just the both of us as Jengwen was overseas at that time…sobsss. We went to town area again. 
Zaf just wanted to get some clothes for the upcoming new semester ahead and being the sweet fashionista shopaholic friend of hers, I absolutely can’t reject her request for help right? so nice of me. hahaha joking. So I went with her in the hopes of helping her pick up nice clothes and give some fashion(?) advice? Guys, zaf has finally up her ootd game and is ready to begin the new school year with a wardrobe makeover.

Cute things and food that I used to fill myself up with hahah. I’ll always pick up weird and useless stuff like this when I go shopping…so cute HAHAHA it’s a ring too! I was so amused by this lil toy haha I was nibbling on it the whole time as I walked down the streets of town.

Oops hahhaah geez sorry I bit your head off cuz it’s too tasty
Ok its a darn good snack I would say but it’s overpriced like around $3 for one?? If you would like to get it, its from Candylicious. But don’t say I didn’t warn ya about the price. HAHA. I bought an extra one for my Manfred because it’s a ring too hahahah and he’s just so worth anything tbh 🙂

I didn’t know TOPSHOP sells such cute socks awww! The owl one…I’m so going back to purchase it gosh. It seems like my eyes only scan for the cute stuff when I’m shopping aimlessly 🙂

The other day I managed to wind up in town with Isabel!! See my point about forever going town? But it’s pretty useful I would say considering that town practically has everything including a wide array of shops, and around 8 shopping centres on its own already. (lucky plaza, ION, wisma, takashimaya, somerset 313, paragon, scape, cathay cineleisure)

 So good to see you and have you back from Melbourne!!!

The foundation from sephora is so weirdly perfect AHAHA that gradient tho

I brought pull&bear jeans that day! They were having a sale :’)
I absolutely loveeeee shopping with my cousin she’s like oh the best shopping partner ever because she’s got great taste. And she’s always recommending me new shops like those in Orchard gateway that I never knew existed. (eg. the editor’s market) and coincidentally our tastes in fashion are more or less the same?? Ok maybe that isn’t such of a big deal considering we’re both cousins! 🙂

Then we stopped for a game of FOOD hahahaha oh gosh Korean spicy rice cake is bae :’) 5 DOLLARS OHKAY >: But both of us enjoyed it like so muchhhhh even though its damn spicy and Isabel kept saying her spice tolerance dropped a lot ever since she went to Melbourne and I’m just there, gasping for cold drinks….

So I ran and bought this. Turns out to be the tastiest milk I’ve ever tasted in the universe gosh the Japanese are really geniuses or something. Can I persuade my mum to buy the whole carton home. :p

 My loot for the day. Somehow shopping makes people feel so tired and I really think it’s some form of exercise that makes you walk a lot?? Ok hahha even though you’re not really exercising but it’s guaranteed you’re feel like lepaking in a corner (or in a café) sooner or later. If you don’t believe me, go shopping. Try it and your legs will feel sore…hehehhehe
Bought the silver moon tea from TWG! The fragrance is really sweet and the aroma of wild berries is so strong. I love it! Here’s to conquer more rainy days with hot flasks and nice warm teas. :’)
Purposely wore my 8cm plats just to be the same height as this tall girl hair #desperatetimescallsfordesperatemeasures

In aeropostale! This is actually one of my personal favourites ahahhaha because the target audience is really 14-18 teenagers and they’re always having sales. And by always I mean 24/7. Their sales are not like any other sales, their sales are really worthy ones like “buy 1 get 1 free” or 50% off items. Which is really too good to be true. I sound like I’m advertising for them but its truly awesome for cheap buys in a quality shop. Nope they didn’t pay me to say this.

 In the end I bought a similar shirt as the one Isabel’s wearing from The Editor’s market, it’s really so great!

Can I just end off abruptly because there isn’t anything else to say?

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